Dec 112013

Question by Charles: Have You Ever Gone to a Parallel Universe?
Cutting edge science called quantum physics or quantum mechanics claims mathematical proof that alternate universes exist, and perhaps of infinite numbers. These alternative universes are similar to our own and may even exist in between our own space/time. Some part of this theory says that decisions in one universe have an opposite partner in another universe. OK, let us accept the general idea of alternative, parallel universes for my question purposes, at least.

Have you ever felt you had changed universes? How do you come to this conclusion? What evidence do you have to support your idea?

Recently, I put my hand on my forehead in a typical repetitive gesture I just do often. I immediately felt a bump there where there was none the night before. I had not hit my head, but this new bump felt like an old injury nearly healed. Point is, I had never felt that before and everyone knows that experience of suddenly feeling something definitely different. Then, I noticed some other things that were SLIGHTLY different from the days before. I think my consciousness somehow has appeared in my slightly different body in another universe.

Please, do not try to be funny; actually be funny or give a thoughtful answer. Thanks.

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Answer by ranger_co_1_75
Yes, frequently I slip into an alternative universe. I place my keys on the entry way table and when I go to look for them, they are on the vanity in the bathroom because I slipped into an alternative universe. I look in the fridge and there is plenty of cheese or bread. I go to make a sandwich and I am out of cheese and bread because I slipped into an alternative universe.

It number of times I slip into an alternative universe seems to be tied to my age. The older I get, the more times I slip into another universe.

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Oct 052013

Question by Joe: If nothing happens after we die, how did we ever come to consciousness in the first place?
Think about this very carefully before you answer, if there is absolutely nothing after this, then why is there anything in the first place? – Better yet, why would consciousness be a one time phenomenon for the experiencer?

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Answer by Amber-Lynn
I LOVE YOU! I think about stuff like this so often! What happens after you die, is our whole world just an illusion, what were we before we had life? Is there an afterlife, are previous lives logical, do souls exist infinitly??

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Jul 192013
by Lainii

Question by legendoflaurx: What is the saddest anime you have ever seen?
For me, it’s Clannad: After Story..
Though I must say, Fullmetal Alchemist is a close second..
Do you agree with me? Or have you seen something even more emotional?

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Answer by hello
AnoHana & Angel Beats

But Clannad: After Story is really freaking sad. (I haven’t finished watching FMA)

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May 132013

Question by Scientist04: Has anyone ever worked in a rat lab and had to kill rats for science?
I just got a job in a neuroscience lab and I’ve never killed a rat for science before? I have to put them in a gas chamber and cut off their heads. Does it get easier over time? Any pointers for getting over the shock?

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Answer by artistandmuse
Yes it will get easier.

I have killed rats before and it bugged me the first time but then I got used to it.


There are no pointers on how to get over killing animals, you just do it and after a couple of times it will stop bugging you.

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Mar 032013

Question by Justin: What are your favorite anime you have ever watched or are watching right now?
I love watching anime, especially japanese anime. I have already watched One Piece, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Dragonball, and Bleach. They are all amazing and most are still going on, except for Fullmetal Alchemist in which I don’t like the ending. I was wondering what your favorites were and maybe I would even check those out to pass the time.

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Answer by *Sonic*
I’m not a fan of anime intact I hate it. I used to watch Sailor Moon back in the day.

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Oct 032012

Question by da2 d: Have You Ever Listened To This Heaven Sent Genius?
There are now some archives of ‘Gary Bell – A View From Space’ available to download as follows: – Rap Worlds Forums (Rapidshare links) – Free Yahoo Account required – Rapidshare Links – Yahoo Group Archive (Direct Link)

Web Site: –

“The Ancient Mystery Religions – Numerology – The Holy Grail: Decoded!”
“Deprogramming the brain-washed, simply by uncovering the truth.”

The Spaceman has a Message Board which can be reached via 640 Toronto’s Home Page. Gary’s Show is is typically Four Hours duration and takes place on Saturdays, dealing with subjects such as Numerology, Religions, History & The Historical, Illuminati. Also discussed are the CFR, Rothschilds, Rockerfellas, House Of Windsor & Freemasonry, tied in to current events.

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Answer by Studious

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Aug 082012

Question by kp10: ok,i have the dumbest dreams ever?
once i dreamt that my causin called me and asked me to watch the kids (he has 2) so i walked down to his house and when i got there my enitre family was there and my cousin and my parents informed me that they were going to disney world and i was to watch every cousin under hte age of 12. there were like 20 kids. then all the grown ups got on this huge bus and left me alone with all these kids.

i also dreamt the devil was eating scrambled eggs in my closet.

last week i dreamt that i was watching the tv show house and they solved this mystery about an 11 year old boy who was secretly a transvestite, and they knew this cause his blood turned pink. then it showed house and his doctors in a jar of mud or soup doing a happy dance with these long poles, they looked like they were in some kind of tribe. then the one lead chick, came and as soon as she got to the jar they all diapeared. then it went to her office and she was talking to herself about them disappearing, and when
and when it showed the seat were this person she was talking to was, no body was there, then she said something else and it turned back to the seat and this guy was there, he looked like a blonde abe lincoln, he had a top hat and everything.

then last night i dreamt that i was smoking cigarsin my sisters bed.

does anybody else have dreams like this?

and what do they mean?
they probably don’t mean anything, but there just so ridiculas.

oh once i dreamt i was being chased by a midget with a skin disorder on my sisters wedding day.

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Answer by LUNA
OMG If I would be u I would be so freaked out! Srry I have no idea how i can help. :(

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Jul 042012

Question by Potato xy: Have dragons ever existed, or there are just known because people have received revelation of what is to come?
Ancient people have talked about dragons, tell story about them, and knows many deep secrets that are still a mystery. Have those people been reveal by the dark one abou dragons? Christian prophets have been reveal that dragons are to come later on in life after Christ has taken His people to heaven.

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Answer by Eidolon
Dragons probably never literally existed, alongside unicorns, gryphons and the like. They probably came about in mythology in the same way other mythical creatures did– from remains belonging to some other animal or old, distorted stories.

The dragons mentioned in Revelations are, most likely, metaphorical symbols.

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Jun 102012

Question by : Updated question: Could science and Spirituality ever meet? (Gervaise Mollusk?)?
Post Modern philosipher Michel Foucault talks about ‘discourses’ or regimes of behaviours …. during this phase we call modernity …. ‘materialism’ emerged as the predominant scientific ‘discourse’ and break away from the spiritual …. which was associated with ‘religion’ and thus the primitive and traditional customs… Modern science or more directly quantum physics has proved unable to elucidate an explanation for what we might describe as consciousness or the mechanism that drives the brain …thus mainstream intellectuals have started to seek more metaphysical explanations … not spiritual …. but non material rather ….. Is it not one dimensional to only look to the ‘physical’ … (lets remove religion and darwinism from this conversation) Mr Mollusk i’d love your opinion : ) x x your clearly a materialist : )
by spirituality i mean non materialist explanations : ) x not a diety
x x I dont mean that the sould be no materialism …. I mean should it embrace a little non materialism …. thats all …. i have no doubt about the beauty and quality of science : )

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Answer by Cool Guy
Here’s the thing. Science has absolutely nothing to do with religion or spirituality. Scientists study nature and report their findings, that’s all science is.

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Mar 262012

Question by Dances with Kali: Have you ever harvested data from a co-conspirator in your journey to be vulnerable to the Mystic?
This data, was it beyond words, before thought?
Have you become dangerous to the religious?
Please be as thorough as you want to be.

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Answer by Bob Vila
Just once when I thought no one was looking.

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