Feb 032012
Physics and Consciousness
by Alin S

Question by MaryatVancouverBC: Are we,being ‘enlightened’ by the Prince Charming of the particled wave,= j~psi, The Jesus Factor?
In E=mc2), the molecular enmass of matter, in it’s ether’eal to particled form, is motioned through the ‘light’ EM transmission from the source of Light and back.

All the particled wave is in a sea of motion, moved by the Force:
being weak, strong, gravitational and EM.
The over rider to this Force is consciousness, being relatively and collectively transmitting in an iridium/osmosium transmitter in a characteristic and behaviour much like some of the people we know.
Odd, strange, up/down, side/side, strange, beauty, and CHARMING
What is the cutting edge of nano physics and spirituality to enmass awareness in greater or expanded circles is this…
We are being met and greeted, at a cellular level by nano-nuetrino influence as we are engaged by light at many sources.

1)July 31st 2006:
Sunspot- dramatic polar reversal to change earth gravitational fields.
2) Pleaides: the cluster of light***,
3)the design of light and love working out.
more but I’ve run out of space

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Answer by Missy
I suppose you thought your question was so witty that you submitted it three times, right?

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Jan 212012

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Jan 062012

Question by jamie =]: What is meant by “enlightened selt-interests” in public affais?
What is meant by “enlightened selt-interests” in public affais? Where the gounding gathers motivated by it rather than by “pocketbook patriotism”?

i have no idea what this question is trying to ask. Its for AP US HIstory. What does “enlighted self interests” in public affairs and pocketbook patriotism mean?

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Answer by I’m with Stupid
“Enlightened self-interest” implies long-term benefits will outweigh short term costs. e.g. funding public education.
“Pocketbook patriotism” emphasizes minimizing short term costs. e.g. cutting taxes.


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Jan 052012

Question by Rita K: Name which courses every Undergraduate should take if they wish to become truely educated and enlightened?
I’m only asking about the kind of courses offered at a university in a class room setting. I know “experience” and the “courses” of hard knocks, etc. are all valuable, but I’m only asking about which college classes you think are invaluable and essential to a anyone seeking to become an educated, enlightened and a sophisticated citizen in today’s society.

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Answer by Smart
Maths is required at all levels

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Jan 022012

Question by Malignant Narcissist: How is it that you are considered “enlightened” if you want the government to have more control of our pockets?
and our lives?

Being that the government has a track record of wasting money and driving up deficits without any evidence that they have ever even attempted to be fiscally responsible, wouldn’t that make you anything but enlightened?

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Answer by relevant inquiry
I consider myself enlightened because I can see through simple-minded conservative arguments.

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