Apr 052014

Question by nonameshallbehere: As in E=MC2, energy and matter are interchangeable, so is this a logical extrapolation?
Space, time, energy, matter (and, according to some, consciousness) are all of the same one ‘fabric’ (based on the past 5 decades of physics). If 2 of those are convertable, then might it be that, with the right process, others are as well?
I like your answer so far Chris, but please consider adding to it if you don’t mind. By the way, I agree that we have less than half of the consciousness thing figured out. On matter being energy we could also suggest that each of space/time/energy/matter are all merely time, consciousness or matter in various forms.

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Answer by Chris Pitchr
Space and time are understood to be both somewhat interchangeable aspects of space-time. Mass would appear to be a form of energy. However, I don’t think there is a way to go from space-time to mass (or energy).

Any one claiming to have a clue about consciousness is wrong, especially Daniel Dennett.

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Feb 122014

Question by Jereme K: Is consciousness energy?
If consciousness is energy and energy can’t be destroyed, will our consciousness live as a different form of energy after death?

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Answer by Han Solo
Long story short: probably not

The law of conservation of energy can’t be used to argue that consciousness will exist forever since consciousness is not just energy, it’s a neural network of 100 billion neurons firing in a specific pattern. Once the brain dies and the neural network is destroyed, the mind will likely be destroyed as well. The fact that the energy will remain is quite irrelevant.

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Oct 162013

Question by Jason Owen: What if consciousness and energy were actually just different terms to describe the same thing?
(This was originally intended to be an answer to a question which was removed before I could post)

In that case, the religious and non-religious could both be right. It’s a theory which is growing in popularity that reality is just as beauty; in the eye of the beholder. In the case of religion, there are plenty of valid arguments for and against the possibility or likelihood of a supreme god.

Whether or not the energy (or consciousness) is infinite or not is an interesting question, but ultimately irrelevant, no?

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Answer by hindu monk
Good question,u need to a have a deeper enquiry into it

Every morning and night go into silence or deep meditation, for meditation is the only way to discriminate between truth and error.

Paramahansa Yogananda
Some like to believe that there are over hundred techniques of meditation; each lingering at a different level, each manifesting its influence on the consciousness at a different pace.

The world over, many have confused meditation with concentration and relaxation with meditation. Techniques using music, dance, other forms of creative expression, an array of therapies (both physical and mental), have all been synchronised into one basket – Meditation!

But truly speaking, many of these work more at the intellectual level while others are only channels for relaxation and prepare you for the more serious stages of true meditation. From the point of view of the advanced Yogis, meditation really is a scientific technique for communion with God, and is the seventh step (dhyanai) in Patanjali’s eightfold path. To a host of new age and other spiritualists, however, techniques that encourage you to manifest mindfulness and be aware also fall under the gamut of meditation.

Meditation when done scientifically draws back into the central part of our body the spine and the brain the life current distributed throughout the various organs of the body, thereby magnetising these two very central parts (spine and brain) which in the astral body are also home to the seven chakras…ultimately leading the distributed energy back to their original centers of distribution. This really results in one experiencing oneself as Light. It is in this state that one’s physical self, consciously manages to free itself from the chords of its bodily and mental distractions.

Amidst the varying opinions and tastes, not to forget the pressures of modern day living and the multitude of diverse inner personalities cum spiritual interests, it might only seem prudent to encourage individuals to choose that form of meditation which seems appropriate to their own nature, feelings, and the goal they really seek to attain from their spiritual practices. Apropos, there are Hindu techniques, Buddhist techniques, techniques from other religions, and even those that do not belong to any religion in particular. We thus can also seem to have one or more universal forms of meditation.

Just as one moves from kindergarten to school to college to a Bachelor’s level and then onward, perhaps, to a post-graduate platform, so too in the realm of spiritual practices each one of us is drawn to and imbues practices and techniques as may be appropriate to our inner development. This is why some persons indulge in worship of deities, some prefer to seek God through mantra practices, and many others believe in relating with the formless One.

In the initial search one may be initiated into the path through the medium of simple techniques relating to meditation on objects, images, etc., but as one genuinely progresses and ardently calls out to the Divine to reveal Itself, one is definitely guided on to the one right approach as may behove one’s current spiritual personality.

Dear one, whatever be the technique that you practice, seek to do it in wisdom and with an understanding of the science behind your physical and subtle (energy) bodies. The benefits of all activity done with the intention of freeing the soul from bondage are manifold, and anything done with awareness and attention will only nurture deeper and faster success.

In our presentation here, we attempt to give credence to the importance of scientific methods in meditation and yet present some more simple techniques for the benefit of a beginner or one not yet wholly groomed on the path. Meditation is for both the atheist and the theist. It is concerned with awakening the realisation of the Self within, and is therefore beneficial to all and sundry

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May 292013

Question by Anon: What is consciousness? Energy? Are our “souls” energy? Does our energy live on after our bodies die?
I don’t really know what I’m talking about. Does that sound at all scientific or just New Age-y?

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Answer by fish boy
Try this out in philosophy, you won’t get the best answer here in the physics.
But it depends on the person’s POV. It could also be many things. This is one of the main questions that still baffles some scientists.
I for one think it’s just different patterns in brain functions vs sizes of various organs and glands in the brain as well as energy that sustains those organs and glands

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Jan 282013

Question by Shane: Any tips on increasing energy for someone with fibromyalgia?
What are some good foods and supplements?

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Answer by catpreau
My naturopath put me onto Proxan – a natural anti-depressant. This has worked wonders for me making me feel like the energiser bunny again!

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Aug 302012

Question by kinky k: physics science potential and kinetic energy ?
what is the potential energy of a rock that weighs 100 newtons that is sitting on top of a hill 300 meters high

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Answer by edancoll
I assume this takes place on earth.

To find potential energy, you need 3 things:
Mass (m)
Gravitational Acceleration (g)
Height (h)
The formula is: E(p)=m*g*h

Weight is m*g. So you already have 2 of the factors multiplied.

All you have left to do is: weight*height.


Answer: 30,000J

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Jun 172012

Question by : Help with science (physics) about energy?
homework. i need to know:
what is energy? how do you know when there is energy? and what we use it for.
it’s like fossil fuels, renewable energy, not body energy. unless it’s the same thing. D: and i know we use it for gas and electricity for homes and businesses. all i’ve found for what is energy is that it helps us do things, but that’s too basic.
i’m 14, year 10, make it half simple please? :)

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Answer by ROBERT
There are two things in our world, one of which is energy and the other is mass. Energy is the flame on a candle and mass is the candle.

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May 172012

Question by William S: Science/physics question involving energy use/output of the human body?
I do not need complicated math problems as this is just out of curiosity, however I would like a simplistic answer since I am a layman.

The Question:
How effiecient is the energy used by the body to throw things (say a baseball or something) different distances?

What I mean is, if you exert 100 energymotrons (joules I’m sure are the correct unit but energymotrons are being used for this experiment to dumb it down.) and get a distance of 1000 distancemotrons, will expending 200 energymotrons yield a distance of 2000 distancemotrons?


Does the energy required to double the distance of 1000 distancemotrons multiply exponentially? Say three or four times the initial 100 energymotrons to equal double the initial 1000 distancemotrons?

Basically, it is A. or B.

100 energymotrons = 1000 distancemotrons
200 energymotrons = 2000 distancemotrons

100 energymotrons = 1000 distancemotrons
400 energymotrons = 2000 distancemotrons

remember exact ratios not needed

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Answer by gcnp58
I didn’t do the math, but my educated guess is it is nonlinear, B, because the aerodynamic drag on an object increases with the square of the velocity. That means for a given initial angle upwards, to go farther the initial velocity must be faster, but that means it takes 4 times as much energy to make the object go twice as fast. In other words, if you throw both balls at a 45 degree angle up from the horizon, the one going 2000 dm needs to be traveling at least twice as fast.

What I haven’t done is bother to look up the ballistic formulas to compute distance traveled for a given initial angle and velocity, so my estimate of “twice as fast” above might be wrong.

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Dec 302011

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