Sep 192012

Question by benyjets23: What Zac Brown Band CD is their recorded/studio extended edition of Free (with Into The Mystic) on?
I know they’ve put out a couple live albums that have it, but I am hoping to find the recorded version.. You help would be very much appreciated.

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Answer by rocker
Pass the Jar- Zac Brown & friends From the Fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta

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Feb 262012

Question by miramistletoe: What is the difference between Fullmetal Alchemist’s manga and anime edition?
I found that the storyline of it’s manga and anime edition is different…Is it true?

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Answer by Black Winged Assassin
Yep, the storylines from the anime is different from the manga.

Square Enix wrote the script for FMA for the anime.

The creator created the video game and manga.

Fullmetal Alchemist was based off from a video game, except the heroine isn’t in there and so is a few other characters.

What’s also different between the anime and manga is that the manga has some new characters.

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Dec 172011

Creating a Lean Culture: Tools to Sustain Lean Conversions, Second Edition

The new and revised edition of this modern day classic provides the critical piece that will make any lean transformation a dynamic continuous success. It shows you how to implement a transformation that cannot fail by developing a culture that will have all your stakeholders involved in the process and invested in the outcome. It will teach you how to build success from the top down and the bottom up at the same time. If you are a leader at any level in an organization undergoing or considering

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Dec 142011

Question by Brock S: How much power does the ATI Radeon X3870 Over Clock Edition take up?
I am planning on building a computer and I’m considering this graphics card…But I need to know how much power it uses so I know how big of a power supply to buy.

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Answer by Apple Jacks

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Oct 252011

The Practice of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, 2011 Edition

The Practice of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy – 2011 Kindle Edition

An Anthology of 40 articles on the subject of Hypnosis and practicing Hypnotherapy written by experts in the field, including Michelle Chapple, Scot Giles, John Koenig, Sue Preston, Jon Rhodes, Michael Spillan, Andrew Willie and a dozen more.

Learn about hypnosis, maintaining a practice, remote practice and other topics.

Updated every four years, this Edition supercedes all earlier versionsThe Practice

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Sep 012011

The Art of Hypnotherapy: Mastering Client Centered Techniques: 4th edition

Now in it’s fourth edition, this classic text presents a comprehensive overview of client-centred hypnosis based on the teachings of Charles Tebbetts. Since the person undergoing hypnosis is the one with the power to change him/herself, the hypnotherapist acts as the facilitator, tailoring the hypnosis session to the client. All of the techniques found in The Art of Hypnotherapy, including regression therapy and parts theory, centre on this concept. The Art of Hypnotherapy shows students how a

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Hypnosis in Clinical Practice: Steps for Mastering Hypnotherapy

This book is aimed at helping both newly trained and experienced mental health professionals become comfortable and adept in using hypnosis in their clinical practice. Despite dramatic evidence of the effectiveness of hypnosis and its growing acceptance, only a small percentage of psychotherapists employ their hypnotherapy training in their practices. This under-use of hypnosis is due to exaggerated misconceptions about its power and the resultant performance anxiety therapists experience after

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Aug 302011

USMLE Road Map Neuroscience, Second Edition (LANGE USMLE Road Maps)

USMLE Road Map: Neuroscience presents a concise and focused examination of the essential concepts for students in Medical Neuroscience. The outline is enhanced with an extensive and original illustration program that visually conveys the essential information and promotes retention of the material. Features such as clinical correlations and clinical problems are also included. The book helps you be better prepared for the USMLE exam and aids you in programs where there is no traditional neur

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