Jun 152014

Question by stonesfan_17: What could you do with a double major in computer science and physics/aerospace engineering?
Right now I’m in my second semester of my computer science degree. During these 2 semesters I’ve had to do research for my english comp class. From this research I have noticed I am greatly interested in AI programming and space type topics.

So just out of curiosity I’m trying to find out some information on how a double major in either physics or aerospace engineering would bring me closer to this field of work. Mainly the goal would be NASA, which seems obvious for this type of work.

At this time physics seems to be the most practical considering I already have to take around 15 credit hours of science classes (physics can be used for this) for my computer science degree so that would be easy to turn into a BS physics degree. On the other hand aerospace engineering seems like it would be more of an eye catcher on a resume. The only down side to this would be having to transferring schools since my current one does not offer a degree in it.

So is this career path worthwhile? Will a double major help in securing a job or is it just a time/money sink? And will the degrees even work together?(I know designing software for an aerospace system would benefit from that degree…but would you actually put the knowledge to good use instead of just using it as background knowledge for understanding the requirements for the software)

Basically my education path can take 3 routes by this:

A: Complete computer science degree and be done with it. Most likely with a mathematics or physics minor.

B: Computer science degree + physics degree.

C: Computer science degree + physics minor, then transfer schools for an aerospace degree(assuming enough credits transfer and the degree can be gotta in an additional 1-2 years).

Best answer:

Answer by Andy
I would keep on the Computer Science / Engineering route and you’ll do very well!

With that background you could work with me…
I work on GPS space systems for a large defense contractor. All our electronic systems are software driven. To do this job you must know both fields to excel. The age where you could specialize in hardware or software are over, to make it today you have to be a jack of all things geeky.

While you are at it get a Management Graduate degree and you’ll be very successful if you have ambition!

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Mar 032014

Question by twin city: a question on the double slit and electron experiment?
.it wasn’t until they placed the Electronic detector device to measure the electron did the wave collapse. this being so, physicists say that consciousness is what is capable of changing the possibilities into reality. yet even before they placed the device in place, were they not “observing” the electron all through the experiment? why did not the wave collapse then?

Best answer:

Answer by Mark C
Actually, physicist don’t say that about consciousness. Some nutty new-age loons misrepresenting physics do. Actual physicists say a measurement collapses the wave function.

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Jul 132013

Question by Nikki: Is it a good idea to double major in Biology and Psychology?
If you want to go to grad school for neuroscience

I had no idea what I wanted to do for the first two years I was in college, and I basically just took a lot of liberal arts subjects that I was interested in. I’m a junior now, and I will be a 5-year student no matter what if I do this.

Is this a terrible idea or a good one?
My university doesn’t offer the neuroscience major, unfortunately.

Best answer:

Answer by Vlad
For a career in Neuroscience it is definitely a good idea.

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Jun 132013

Question by richief_611: I am planning to a double major in Economics and something else. What would be a good complement for econ?
I want to major in economics, but have a lot of space for lots of other classes for a double major. So what should I double major in that would work well with economics?

Would Political Science, Mathematics, a foreign language, the sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, etc), be good to double major with economics?

Best answer:

Answer by Alicia T
i’m at university currently completing a double degree in business (Bachelor of Business- Banking and Finance/ International Trade) and the majority of my subjects are economics based, so maybe look at something to do with business- i.e international trade or finance to compliment your degree??
hope that helps!

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May 282013

Question by Brian Butler: What can I do with a double major in Political Science/Psychology and a minor in Physics?
I was looking into grad school to obtain a PhD in Neuroscience, I would have done my undergrad in Neuroscience but my university doesn’t offer a bachelor degree in Neuroscience. I also have considered double majoring in Physics/Psychology and minoring in Political Science. What can I do with these degrees?

Best answer:

Answer by eri
Well, if you don’t go to grad school, physics would be useful for finding a job. Social psychology majors make an average of 29k mid-career. It’s not the most useful degree.

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Apr 192013

Question by John: if i do a double degree could i do a masters in either?
I want to do a double degree – computer science (majoring software systems) and science (majoring in physics). If i decided i wanted to pursue science for example, could i do a master of science majoring in physics?

Best answer:

Answer by Nygdan
You’ve already asked this question and had it answered here:


If you want to do a Physics Masters program, then having a Physics undergrad major is what you need, regardless of whether it’s part of a double major, and vice versa.

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Jan 262013

Question by superman: What could i do if i double majored in political science and math or physics?
I’m interested in math and i’m interested in physics. But i also like poli sci. I want to either double major in poli sci and math or poli sci and physics. I dont want to do math and physics because it seems almost redundant. but i dont know what i’d do with either other combo. What would a poli sci and math/physics double major do after college?

Best answer:

Answer by eri
You could run for political office and not be an idiot when it came to science. You could become a lobbyist for science (we don’t have all that many, but that probably means there aren’t major jobs either). And you could get a job that required the math or physics and doesn’t care about the polysci part. Physics is a pretty versatile major.

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Aug 152011

Question by computer guy 94: Which looks better a double major in computer science and physics or a major in computer engineering?

Best answer:

Answer by Dan
As a computer engineer (assuming you meet your state’s requirements) you would be qualified to do consulting work. However, being qualified is often not necessary if you are employed by larger firms.

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May 032011

Question by Jose Mario: Is it a good decision to double major in neuroscience and molecular biology?
I’m really interested in both of these fields. I just wanted to explore the possibilities

Best answer:

Answer by redtop619
I admire your love for the sciences, but no way jose. Those are the two most difficult majors in the U.S. You absolutely cannot handle both of them. Doubling majoring would be like tying your own noose.

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Jan 102011

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