May 172014

Question by ★Greed★: Do rhetorical ideas deny the existence of the universe..?
…and thus deny the true definition of God.

Therefore, one can only know God without religion or defining what god means. Thus, the universe is not self aware within the context of our thinking as it is neither a being nor a consciousness.

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Answer by peaceful mind
First of all, I’m in love with your question. Our thinking is what creates the universe of what we want it to be, it’s what philosophy is here for, to be filled with questions that aren’t really answered, but accepted as being there and filling the universe with more mystery and the answers may be out there, but to really know the existence of the universe, there are no answers to anything.

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Aug 132011

Question by you know who2: Do some scientists admit that occultism is a real thing or do they deny it?

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Answer by Acid Zebra of the Evos
Nice framing of your question. There is nothing to “deny” – just a bunch of superstitious mumbo-jumbo.

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Dec 102010

Question by Trout: Does the majority still deny the existence of chem trails dismissing them as contrail vapor?
Aluminum barium and other heavy metals are reported to be in these chemtrails sprayed in a world wide cross pattern dispersing through the sky

Many beliefs around why have surfaced from weather modification to population reduction

Does the majority believe they are

Vapor trails that linger in certain weather or all weather
That they are a purposeful chemical soup being sprayed for some yet to be announced reason

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Answer by FarCry
Even if they are chemtrails, that does not necessarily mean that they are having a negative affect on the environment.


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