Dec 272013

Question by Paul: How long do I have to decide what I want to go to school for?
I’m going to be going to college in September, but I’m really torn about what I want to do. I can’t decide what I want to do, physics, or computer science. If I do physics I would have to do a lot of work and go to grad school (which is no problem, I enjoy school), and CS would pretty much put right in the job market. I really enjoy both of these and I don’t what I really want to do in life? How much time do I have to decide what I really want to do? (Also I am attending Community College as of right now due to some financial issues, and If I pursuit a degree in physics I would have to do some undergrad research to get into a really good grad school, not easy to do in community college.
thats the thing though. I would want to go into research.

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Answer by eri
You don’t have to go to grad school in physics, only if you want to do research for a job. Physics is a very employable major. You don’t have to declare a major until the start of junior year, but a lot of your classes will count towards both majors anyway (intro physics, intro to programming, math through calculus). And they’re useful as double majors for many fields.

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Nov 142012

Question by : Why did God decide to send us Jesus before the time of technology and video recorders?
If there’s really a God, he should’ve known we’d grow to become so advanced…so why didn’t he wait until we could have documented proof that this all happened? Or have Jesus invite the first ever camcorder, a DVD made over 2,000 years ago…so we’d have proof.

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Answer by That One Guy
People 2000 years from now won’t have DVD players more’n likely and would ask the same question.

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Apr 262011

Question by Justme: How does your brain decide what to remember?
Why is it that I can remember little unimportant events that happened in my childhood over 20 years ago, but I can’t remember what I wore last Monday? I know major events or traumatic events that happened in your life your brain will remember for years, but I can remember one particular day sitting in my elementary school classroom listening to the teacher talk about some uninteresting fact. I cannot remember any other days immediately surrounding this one event. So, I’m a just wondering if any of you science minded folks know how your brain decides which little events to pick out from your past and store permanently in your memory?

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Answer by tikka-masala
sorry,iv’e forgot,what was the question.

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Oct 232010

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