Jan 182014

Question by Swapnil: Is it Hindu the oldest religion and advanced culture on the planet?
Many western culture people, aethist thinks its just a story or such things without reaserching it in detail. but in hindu mythology, the legends like lord Krishna’s Dwarka and lord rama’s Ram setu has been mentioned and they are still exist in India. And also It is belived that Newton invented Gravity theory but in real it was already discovered by mathematician and rishi Bhaskaracharya. Also A full theory about aeroplanes ‘Vimana Shastra’ has already been written 5000 years before Wright brothers invented it. Still more interesting advanced thing written in oldest ancient hindu lituratures known as ‘Vedas’. There are 8 main chapters in ‘Vimana Shastra’

1. The secrets of constructing aeroplanes, which will not break, which cannot be cut, will not catch fire, and cannot be destroyed. 2. The secret of making planes motionless. 3. The secret of making planes invisible. 4. The secret of hearing conversations and other sounds in enemy places. 5. The secret of retrieving photographs of the interior of enemy planes 6. The secret of ascertaining the direction of enemy planes approach. 7. The secret of making persons in enemy planes lose consciousness. 8. The secret of destroying enemy planes

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Answer by John Farnham
Aeroplanes that will not break, catch on fire or be destroyed? Someone from the military should read up on that.

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Nov 302012

Question by .: What is the most primitive contemporary culture?
Thanks in advance
Stop being so politically correct. There are measurable degrees of primitiveness at some level. For example) without a doubt a native culture from deep in the Congo is more primitive than the Japanese culture.

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Answer by Duane
Wow, how ethnocentric. How do you define primitive? What qualities characterize primitve?

Response to additional details: Don’t tell me to stop being so politically correct. Stop asking a question that is completely relative to your sense of the word primitive. The people in the Congo are no more “primitive” than you or me. Their cultural development has evolved to suit their natural environment, which is drastically different than that of yours and mine. If a culture has no use for agricultural machinery, than why would they develop such a process? If grazing, hunting, gathering, and various horticulture (non-monocultured gardens that is) continuously provides exemplary results in the eyes of the participant, why submit to colonialism? Conversely, I gurantee that their knowledge of the flora and fauna of their respective indigenous region is grossly more expansive than ours. So, primitive in one sense, advanced in another. Your inability to grasp cultural relativism is blocking your understanding of indigenous existance.

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Feb 112012

Question by dahlia: what are the predominant means of altering consciousness in our culture?
The members of many cultures seek altered states of consciousness as pathways to enlightenment and personal power. What are the predominant means of altering consciousness in our culture? Are any of them potential pathways for personal growth?

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Answer by grasanul101
Western culture only offers means of altering your consciousness for the worse, through illegal or legal drugs, abusive advertising and brainwashing entertainment. The politicians and rich people in charge do not want us to improve our understanding of the world and our personal power. Wouldn’t that make us harder to control?

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Jan 282012

Question by Cupcake: what specific changes did the Great Awakening bring about in colonial culture?
what specific changes did the Great Awakening bring about in colonial culture?
What direct impact did “revivalism” have on politics in the colonial era?

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Answer by Flava armadillo
Although I cannot speak on “revivalism,” I can speak intelligently on the Great Awakening, as I have studied it in school quite in-depth.

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Dec 172011

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Nov 062011

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