Aug 202013

Question by Quandary: Allow two consciousnesses to interact, and what do you get?
An emotion.
Emotion leads to perception of time.
Perception of time allows existence.

Can a single consciousness perceive time, or is interaction required?

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Answer by Bill O’Reilly
I thought you get babby from that interaction…

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May 192013

Question by illraxvional threxzom: Is there any religion or theory that believes human consciousnesses continues on-?
Inside a corpse after brain death? I’ve never heard of such a theory or idea. I think most people agree that cadavers have no consciousness at all and if consciousness continues after brain death, than it most be in some sorta spirit or ghost form. But is there any religious or paranormal theories about cadavers retaining consciousness at some level.
Athiest but does anybody believe that the afterlife happens within the corpse?
I’m agnostic. I just want to know if a religion exists that believes this idea or something similar to it.
I should have asked this question differently than I did. The actual question is ‘ Are their any religions or paranormal theories that consciousness continues within a corpse?
I will ask this question again in a different way. David D came close to answering it. So he will get best answer unless someone else changes their answer, or another person answers it properly.

Best answer:

Answer by i’m an atheist
almost every religion believes that there is an afterlife

there is no evidence of an afterlife.

I don’t believe in an afterlife. When we die, we simply cease to exist.

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