Apr 252013

Question by Madam Mercy: Why do God related religions create a “conscience” but not “consciousness”?
Many people have the false notion that “conscience” & “consciousness” are the same.

The root is one, but they are 2 separate branches moving in diametrically opposite directions.

“Conscience” IS forced on you by others.

“Consciousness” is an evolution rising from your own depths to the ultimate heights.

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Answer by Darrin
Your conscience speaks to you about things of morality, nothing else. How does that happen?
When you steal something, your conscience tells you its wrong. Conscience comes from two words con=with and science=knowledge….So everytime you do something wrong you do it with knowledge that it is wrong………..>

Consciousness just means you are awake or alert or alive…….>

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Dec 012012

Question by jayakrishnaathmavidya: Physics is coming to Philosophy or what? Quantum Mechanics says even the material objects have conscience?
Probably Niels Bohr was of the opinion that God can play dice also. Experiments show that if ther are two slits ahead, An electron fired from an electron gun can decide thru which slit it should go… can that mean stones have life, cars have life, houses have lives, probably ther is an element of Divinity in everything around..? Physics is coming to Philosophy or what?
Oh! the Physics Master has a phantastic answer.. so simple that any layman can understand these concepts of Science and now the Philosopher in jk tells that the phenominon called probability in its last resort, i mean when goes into the subtle roots, may be nothing but the limited individual conscience and what Quantum Mechanics theory of Modern World says basically under the roots the individual Coscience is part and parsel of a Collective Universal or Cosmic Consciousness … this is just an attempt to further get into the subtle roots of Probability and Q.M. in the limelight of Oriental Thoughts (Eastern Philosophical Concepts) of Jeevathma and Paramathma… any thank you very much for a wonderful answer ….

luv and SAI RAM,


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Answer by geek49203
And religion too….

Scientific understanding always has an impact on religion and philosophy… the more we know, the more questions that fall into the realm of the theologian and the philosopher, and the more that old theologies and philosopies are challenged (or confirmed).

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Aug 172011

Question by Foodstamps: Scientist show how conscience energy can impact the planet as a whole, is this a spiritual phenomenon?
scientist at harvard and princeton have been studying the realm of the quantum world and have determined through quantum mechanics it is controlled through the very act of observing ” dual slit experiment ” atoms act like particles instead of waves just by observing them in a conscience way, also quantum entanglement proves how everybody and everything is connected to one thing or source, this is when they started the Global Consciousness Project and showed results without a doubt that the very act of being conscious can have an impact on society through either negative energy or positive energy of the consciousness as a whole, please check the following links before posting an answer. i
didnt believe this till i saw the results of the test



here is the double slit experiment in laymens terms;

im not trying to prove the existence of god
wrong brane they have done the experiment several ways to and the experiment was not getting in the way or reflecting on the atom or particle
they have places several things around the experiment to disprove your idea of things getting in the way its only when a conscience person is involved that changes the behavior of the atom
its not just atoms either brane
what the bleep? is this a movie

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Answer by brane_strain
the two slit experiment disproves gods existence if anything – gods supposed to know everything but heisenberg has shown god cant know the position and velocity of a single particle let alone every particle in the universe.

How dare you use quantum mechanics to support your ignorant superstitious beliefs.

You idiot, dont you realise that observing something itself is a physical act? Its not magic – seeing something means bouncing photons on it and of course thats going to make a different to tiny subatomic particles.

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Jun 302011

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