Oct 252013

Question by Marga: Any ideas for an Investigatory Science Project concerning Physics?
So, our group already submitted a proposal but it was rejected (proposal was about mobile phones as device activator). Now, our group decided to create individual proposals.

Please suggest. It can be about modifying devices, creating new devices or comparing devices as long as it is related to a Physics principle.

Answers are very much appreciated. Thank you.

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Answer by norcekri
RFID for people? How do you modify it to allow personal privacy controls?

Tesla’s earth-based power grid — how would you experiment with his notes to engineer a solution? How might you then test the system for viability?

How could you project a larger iPhone screen for people with vision difficulties: not a larger font, but actually a larger display area within the same form factor?

How would you modify the hand-held displays for 3-D use? Think in actual 3-D, such as binocular cameras and hologram display.

Could you combine a tidal turbine (power production) with a desalination plant?

What can you do about the back end of the nuclear power life cycle? Can you find a long-term use for the “waste” that is too “hot” for safety, but too “cool” for typical power production? For instance, is there something you could do with the waste heat? Some way to concentrate the fuel for productive use? What do you do with the non-emitting end products of fission?

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Oct 232012

Question by Jack J: I have a religious question concerning my faith. can any good Christians or Catholics help?
i have been making my parents mad because i dont do the god thing. MY parents have been dedicated Catholics all there lives and i was raised the same. i was confermend 3 years ago and i leave for the military soon. they want me to confess my sins before i go but i feel it would be hypocritical. How can i believe in a god who allows so much pain and suffering in the world. don’t say he works in mysterious ways because that is bull shit. A 5 year old girl with cancer is not a mystery that is horrible. Look at all the killing done in the name of god. I would donate money to cancer research before i would pray to god for a cure. also i was told faith alone gets a person in heaven, what about all the good people out thier who dosnt believe in god. what are they supposed to burn because they spent their life helping there fellow man instead of praying that god would. should i confess to make parents happy and go against myself? any advice would help, if your going to say something like “see you in hell” or “you’ll want god as u burn” do me a favor and don’t, ill probably see you there anyway.

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Answer by Dana the Great
Good in the world is the good of God. Sickness, murder, etc. are the result of evil and sin.

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Nov 242011

Question by Name Unavailable: I have a question about the order of the days of the week concerning astrology and religious observances:?
Some esoteric orders follow the days of the week according to a septagram (heptagram) and attribute planetary dominion over them.

For example, we now follow: Sunday (sun), Monday (moon), Tuesday (mars), Wednesday (mercury), Thursday (jupiter), Friday (venus) and Saturday (saturn).

Aside from the Chaldean order of the days of the week; historically or presently has there ever been a different observance in accordance with astrological phenomena? Possibly starting the days of the week according to the worship of different planetary rulers? Anything in the subjects of religious observance, ancient calendars, alchemy, astrology and mysticism.

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Answer by Blunt,to the point &comic satire
I follow the daylight/nighttime observance. Also the hot season/cold season shifts. Seems to be enough.

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Oct 262011

Question by jannie: What do you think of the questions posted here concerning religion and spirituality?
I wish people would use this section to ask serious questions concerning spirituality and religion instead of making a mockery of a very serious matter to a lot of people. I’m sure some of these answers will make fun of me or God or religion in general. It’s so sad!

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Answer by jeherohaku
personally, i think it should be divided in to r&s and religious debate.

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Oct 222010

Question by Henry H: Is there a protection against the superstition concerning a bird flying into a house meaning death?
Is there a way to reverse the superstition that a bird flying into a home means a death is imminent? Or, according to the superstition, nothing can be done and someone will die?

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Answer by BubbleWrapLlama
umm, since theres a birds next on a tree branch that leans over my house my whole family should be dead right? I mean birds are constantly flying over it, but guess what, no deaths! Can you believe it!?

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Aug 242010

Question by 0475839216: if there is to be a paradigm shift or cultural revolution in the black community concerning?
a functional or somewhat thriving community, or a more functioning and thriving or efficiently operating black community, how will this take place and is it on the horizon. thanks.

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Answer by Jan Stolz
Not so much a shift as getting their act together. It only takes a change in attitude to change a culture.

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