Apr 192014

Question by : Fullmetal alchemist movie coming out in 2012?
I’ve heard rumors about there being a fullmetal alchemist movie coming out in January 2012, is this rumor true!? Also if the rumor is true and there is a fullmetal alchemist movie coming out in January 2012, what is the movie called? And will it be airing both in the united states and Canada?

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Answer by pixietrickster03
I assume you are talking about, Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos
That is due for January 2012

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Nov 052013

Question by kimberly: What are all the signs of the second coming of jesus ?
and what are all the important things I need to know about the book of revelations? and also how do you feel about May 21st do you believe its true or is the person who leading us to believe this is a false prophet?

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Answer by Lee Edds
false prophet

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Dec 012012

Question by jayakrishnaathmavidya: Physics is coming to Philosophy or what? Quantum Mechanics says even the material objects have conscience?
Probably Niels Bohr was of the opinion that God can play dice also. Experiments show that if ther are two slits ahead, An electron fired from an electron gun can decide thru which slit it should go… can that mean stones have life, cars have life, houses have lives, probably ther is an element of Divinity in everything around..? Physics is coming to Philosophy or what?
Oh! the Physics Master has a phantastic answer.. so simple that any layman can understand these concepts of Science and now the Philosopher in jk tells that the phenominon called probability in its last resort, i mean when goes into the subtle roots, may be nothing but the limited individual conscience and what Quantum Mechanics theory of Modern World says basically under the roots the individual Coscience is part and parsel of a Collective Universal or Cosmic Consciousness … this is just an attempt to further get into the subtle roots of Probability and Q.M. in the limelight of Oriental Thoughts (Eastern Philosophical Concepts) of Jeevathma and Paramathma… any thank you very much for a wonderful answer ….

luv and SAI RAM,


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Answer by geek49203
And religion too….

Scientific understanding always has an impact on religion and philosophy… the more we know, the more questions that fall into the realm of the theologian and the philosopher, and the more that old theologies and philosopies are challenged (or confirmed).

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Sep 022012

Question by Seiran Hayashi: When is the new FullMetal Alchemist series coming out?
Also, Who will sub it for me for free? Are they just redoing the original, or are they continuing the story line?

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Answer by William
the new series is already out and subbed.

this new series is more based on the manga than the first one.

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Jan 092012

Question by thedb04: The presence of geckos is giving me alot of anxiety. How can I deter them from coming in my home.?
I know they eat bugs, but considering I live on an army post in Texas, the insects are more abundant then the geckos and the geckos that are coming in are 2-3 times small then the bugs. I can’t use moth balls because our neighbor has a dog and i don’t want to hurt it. I don’t want to hurt them, I just want to keep them away from doorways. I am from the north, were geckos don’t run free, so i have never been exposed to them in that nature. I understand that they are good for the enviroment, and no amount of people are going to convince me to be okay with them in my home. If anyone has tried any methods that worked, please let me know. I have used Snake-away in the past, but i wasn’t sure if it would work on Geckos. We have lived here for four years and I become clinally depressed because of the presence of geckos. The presence of them in my home make me irrational and anxious. I think we all agree, that one should be comfortable in thier own home. Thank you !

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Answer by wvlilgurl
My mom used moth balls outside her house. It seemed to work

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Dec 012011

Question by Alexandra: Who’s looking forward to the bbc tv series Merlin coming back?
I love Merlin. It is an awesome programme with brill actors and story lines. It has magic, great acting, adventure, action and great friendships and I cannot wait for it to return for another series.
Finally one of the best tv shows is back on tv.

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Answer by Amy
I am a huge fan of Merlin, for all the reasons you said. I cannot wait for series 3 to start this Saturday!
During this past summer, I was able to go to the MERLIN panel at Comic Con San Diego, where Colin Morgan and Anthony Head were joined by the two creators Johnny Capps and Julian Murpy. The panel was BRILLIANT and my favorite of the weekend. Additionally, we got a series 3 exclusive premiere.
PLUS – an absolutely hysterical blooper reel!
Check the panel, and the blooper reel, out on my youtube channel – PotterHallows.

I can’t wait for series 3!

p.s. I met the actors, and writers – and they were just as SWEET as they could be! A true thrill. =)

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Oct 052011

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Nov 142010

Invasion of snails: Art project coming to Miami Beach
An Italian art collective and a Rome-based gallery are hoping to spread environmental consciousness this winter through a few dozen curious messengers landing on Miami Beach:
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Minnesota seizure driving rule changes Nov. 1
Effective Nov. 1, 2010, the current Minnesota Driving Rule will decrease the license suspension time of a person who has a seizure, from six months to three months (7410.2500: Loss of consciousness or Voluntary Control).
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Oct 072010

Question by Nancy: What is the significance of the witches in Narnia coming from the North?
If I recall correctly, all the witches that appear in the Narnia books come from the North. Is there a significance? As I am Jewish, I often miss obvious Christian symbolism so I could use your input.

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Answer by Aisu
I don’t think there is any real reason. The north is colder? I dunno. I am in a partly Catholic family, so I should know if it was obvious.

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