Nov 042013

Question by Misty M: Why does my laptop clock lose about 5 minutes a day?
Is there any way to adjust the speed of it ? I have to sync it with the Internet time every day or it will keep losing time.
Steve W. What the heck does that have to do with my question? My laptop is not even 1 year old. That is questionable solicitation.
I just looked at your answers to other Q’s. You answer all of them the same. Hmmm.

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Answer by Locked & Loaded
There is a battery inside that can be replaced and it controls the time and date. Replace the battery and your problem should be fixed.

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Dec 142011

Question by Brock S: How much power does the ATI Radeon X3870 Over Clock Edition take up?
I am planning on building a computer and I’m considering this graphics card…But I need to know how much power it uses so I know how big of a power supply to buy.

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Answer by Apple Jacks

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