Oct 192012

Question by Angrylittlegirl: How great of a civilization should one be to be included in a Civilization/Rise of Nations game?
I was thinking about this one day while playing Civ 4. I’ve been wondering how the producers of these games narrow down the 1000+ ancient-to-modern civilizations into 16, 18, or 24.

My mother (who’s formerly a sociology professor) told me that there are factors, but I’m really not quite sure (because she never really loved things about civilization) if these are it:
The Civilization/Nation should:
1. Leave a monumental structure that stood the test of time – or if it was pillaged, at least it had been recorded by the greatest philosophers/historians of the time

2. It occupied a vast territory – I disagreed with her here, Japan isn’t that big, but somehow made an impact in the world

3. It produced the greatest people that ever existed – Plato, Pliny, Aristotle,the Caesars, etc. were great people, that’s why Greco-Roman civilization were included.

4. It must be old – I disagreed with her, the U.S. was included.

5. It must have wone many wars with another country – A-Bomb, Vietcong, Korean War, Alexander’s Indian Defeat, War of 1812, Seven years War, Hundred years war…….but I’m not really sure how that makes a civilization great if it won many wars. Peace advocacy is still a better option.

But I mean, why the Iroquois, or the North American Indians in general? They are barely known in the world. The Nazca lines were shrouded with mystery, but nobody knows about these Nazcas.

The Byzantines aren’t even that unique of a culture. They had emperors alright, but theire armies failed, yet still they’re included.

Or how about the Zulu? Portugal had the same culture/achievement as Spain (I can barely even tell the two countries apart), but it’s included in one of those games. Montezuma failed. Mansa Musa wasn’t recognized by the whole African continent.

I’m not being racist here or anything. I just want to know what the main factors are to be included in these civilization games.

If somehow I (or my mother) was wrong, then please correct us!!!

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Answer by Kanien:kaha’ka
i’m Haudenasaunee (iroquois) and i will differ with you on this point. we are known all over the world. in fact, there are many who know more about us than those in the usa since the inclusion of truth about us is not a strong point in your educational systems. we also declared war on nazi germany before the americans did.

we were allied with the british and are still considered by the crown to be allies. the usa constitution is based in large part on our constitution as evidenced by the references made to it by franklin and jefferson among others. the symbolism on the presidential seal is taken directly from our constitution..the eagle and the bound arrows signifying strength in unity. the idea of separate nations (states) with their own laws being under one government (federal) without that larger government usurping powers is from us. the checks and balances of power is from us. we are one of the oldest, true, participatory democracies in the world.

you should read our constitution and see what we accomplished long before europeans got here. our confederacy dates back to the year 1100. of course we existed as separate nations long before that.

the game you are talking about i believe is trying to include civilizations that don’t normally get props. they even attempted to use our language…the first time i think that has ever been done in a video game. as a native speaker i find it funny, since they got the words but their pronunciation is far off, but i appreciate the attempt anyway.

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Nov 302011

Question by Chris Oh: How is the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, an awakening for western civilization?
To whomever read the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, how is this novel an awakening for western civilization?

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Answer by Catzeyes
The Western world is shielded from many of the horrors which occurred in Afghanistan during the time in which was set. Many instances, such as Hassan’s rape, the scenes which show a woman being stoned to death and the severity of the abuse which causes Sohrab to make a suicide attempt, among others, are events that are quite alien to Western civilisation. Whilst we may hear of such events, we do not like to dwell on them for their awfulness, yet ‘The Kite Runner’ explains them clearly which opens a western reader’s eyes to such catatrophic events.

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Mar 262011

Question by Rob: What is the benefit of cultural diversity? Why has western civilization shifted to multiculturalism recently?
Im not making a judgement. I just fail to see the truth in the “strength in diversity” mantra. Perhaps one of you will help me see…
Tititata, I respect your religious belief (I am actually a christian but its slightly off-topic. Knowing the type online I am sure you will catch it for posting that.

Those are some good thoughts bizsmithy, and if no one posts better the 10 pts are yours.

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Answer by Tititita
I believe, that the benefit of cultural diversity is because people are always looking for something new. They want a change, and are trying to fulfill their emptiness that they feel in their heart. They do not know that only Jesus Christ is the only one called to fulfill that emptiness in our heart.

One way that drive them to this change is by trying and going through differents religions and belief. That is one of the reason that they want to know and to shift to a different multicurtural civilization. They are looking for the unknown God, without knowing that their truly God is very close to them, the Lord Jesus Christ. It is not that they want a change. It is because they want and are trying to fulfill their emptiness in their heart. The way to do it is by trying some king of religion because they want to be happy. God give us happiness only through Jesus Christ. He is the only one that can fulfill our heart and then happiness will come to men. I do not know if this will answer your question. God bless you.

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Jan 232011

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Jul 222010

The Time is Now for Enlightened Civilization

Enlightened Civilization, who has ever heard of such a thing? If you find yourself asking this question then guess what, you are about to hear of such a thing. Before explaining why the time is Now for Enlightened Civilization, let’s examine what an Enlightened Civilization is and it should become obvious why the time is now.

To the uninitiated this may seem a futile endeavor, they may imagine a whole culture lost in their own blissful self contemplation, too amazed by the perfection of the cosmos to be of any useful service. This of course would be an erroneous view of a static condition without the variable of choice. It is precisely this variable of choice which would support an Enlightened Civilization just as the limitation of choice is what keeps a society unenlightened. An Enlightened Society would not necessarily dictate that every member of that Society be fully enlightened. It would however have that option available for those so inclined and the processes for it accomplishment would be known by all, even those who chose to remain irresponsible. That is why Choice would support Enlightened Civilization and why limitation of choice is currently the norm.

Perhaps the best way to explain Enlightened Civilization so that mortal minds may understand its reality is in the context of a Dream. First of all let’s study the context before we explore the dynamics involved. Assuming that life is really nothing more than a dream, would involve several fundamental shifts in our paradigm. First it would involve the fact that we are dreaming even if we do not know it. Second would involve the possibility of waking up and third would be the option of learning how to dream and the most obvious would be the possibility of waking up within the dream.

The Dream Scheme of Reality would presuppose that for the most part everyone is lost in their dream, meaning they do not know they are dreaming yet nevertheless they are. This is the limitation of choice spoken of earlier that keeps our species mortal. It might be worth mentioning also that this is where irresponsibility comes from. Also if this paradigm were scaled along a grade of measure for the purpose of determining a relative (Personal) frame of reference, this would obviously be the low point on the chart. Assuming as well that a low point must have a corresponding High Point in order to be relevant, would dictate the range of Choice that is ours but unattainable by default. Is this starting to make sense to you mortals yet???

Assuming we accept the fact that we are dreaming places us in a position of control that is unavailable to the slumbering masses. So just to have this paradigm in the first place puts us at a point far beyond where everyone else is hoping to get and we haven’t even started to scale yet, we have just assumed it is possible and opened the door to responsibility. So it would seem that to recognize the dream is the first step in dream actualization and thus the purpose for having a Dream Scheme of Reality. Remember we are only breaking the whole into little bitty chunks so we can put it on mortal display but in actuality it remains a unified whole.

Recognizing the context of life’s dream just how the dynamics operate might be our next logical progression, so let’s go there. Obviously assuming a low point fixation on the Dream Scheme Scale would require looking into how we are trapped in the dream. In fact this is the only part of the scale where we can theorize on the dream because we have not yet taken responsibility for our dream, not to mention actually waking up.

How we remain trapped in the dream is obviously answered by the question of responsibility and this would encapsulate the dynamics we are concerned with at this point. Returning to context for a moment, it seems clear that the dream is happening to us and we are just following along wherever it takes us. Pleasant dreams and nightmares are both just as real because we have no control over either one, they just happen. The dynamics are explained by my blaming you for my experience. This plays out as an external validation for an internal process, regardless of the form it takes. This is usually produced through an intricate network of conditions, such as when that does this then I will so forth. This is our framework of judgments whereby my happiness is dependent on your compliance with my idea. This sets the stage for all the irresponsibility to come.

So then every time I blame an external anything for my internal something, I have given away my power to control the dream and become lost in it. Since this is standard mortal practice it should be obvious why we resist waking up, because our whole identity is invested in the dream. Only you can wake yourself up and though we sound the wakeup call all day long if you do not want to wake up you will remain trapped in the dream. By clarifying this issue we are endeavoring to assist your “Want To” but only your variable of choice will dictate whether that is accomplished or not.

Of course recognizing the dream is primary to taking responsibility for it so that you might learn how to dream and this opens up the choices available to an Enlightened Society. Now is the only time you can take responsibility for your dream because NOW is when you are dreaming it. Now is the dream you are having even when you call it by the name of time and Now is how you wake up. So does anyone see how the time is NOW for Enlightened Civilization? If not, let’s break it down one more time for the mortals: “NOWWAY is the Path of Immortal Society toward Enlightened Civilization.” Remaining trapped in your dream will guarantee that you never get on the path let alone arrive at the destination. That’s OK, nightie night slumbering mortal, sweet dreams…

If you desire an option to mortal ignorance go to

The Home of Enlightened Civilization.

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Jul 062010

Question by Zahar RULE!: What is the best book about ancient aliens, mysteries of ancient civilization etc…?
What is the best book about ancient aliens, mysteries of ancient civilizations, mysteries of ancient world etc…??

Give your opinion! I want to hear it!

Best answer:

Answer by Riley
Genesis Revisited- Zacharia Stitchen

All the Earth series books are very good reading so is reading the Book of RA. It’s a pity many books of the subject you show interest in, are unavailable or banned in the USA.

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