Jan 312012

Question by paulus: how are the second great awakening and the american civil war connected?
A prominent historian argued that the roots of the American Civil War lay in the Second Great Awakening. Do you agree with this statement? Discuss how the awakening impacted American Society? How did its impact increase sectional conflict between free and slaves states and help bring about war?

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Answer by Mr. Neutron
Many people have been thinking about this question, and most of them will be composing their answer to it during Dr. Peek’s final later this morning… Maybe you can email Raven afterwards and ask her to let you see some of the other students’ essays!

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May 202011

Question by Lighten Up: Why do evangelicals confuse Christianity with Civil Religion? Nazi occultism was a good example of…?
the use of religion and the relationship between that usage and claims, like Hitler’s, to some kind of messiahship. Here is a portion of a documentary airing on the Discovery Channel that shows this.

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Answer by superb9006
First of all I don’t understand what your link has to do with your question. Secondly, Hitler did not start killing Jews because of a religious motive. It was stemmed from evolution. Master race ring a bell? Christians worship a deity, not a person.

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Mar 192011

Conjuring Crisis: Racism and Civil Rights in a Southern Military City

How have civil rights transformed racial politics in America? Connecting economic and social reforms to racial and class inequality, Conjuring Crisis counters the myth of steady race progress by analyzing how the federal government and local politicians have sometimes “reformed” politics in ways that have amplified racism in the post civil-rights era.

In the 1990s at Fort Bragg and Fayetteville, North Carolina, the city’s dominant political coalition of white civic and bus

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