Dec 122011

Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles

For years, people have been both fascinated and mystified by complex designs that suddenly appear at night on fields of grain. Nobody knows how they got there, or why. They leave the grain stalks in flattened swirls, virtually undamaged. They exhibit mathematical precision; they demonstrate principles of geometry and portray ancient religious symbols. Since the 1980s, some 10,000 crop circles have appeared, seemingly by magic. Each year the count grows and the designs get more intricate, even fa

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Nov 162011

Question by Victor J The Creator Of PWSR!: alchemy transmutation circles? is possible to use a transmutation? if so how?
I want to know how to use transmutation circles in alchemy if it’s possible and don’t worry like the laws of real life magic (a.k.a witchcraft which i don’t do by the way) i won’t harm a single human being on purpose i’ll only use it for my own entertainment and for others entertainment and to protect my self and others from danger if necessary (which is what i meant by harm noone on purpose)! p.s.: if someone wants to e-mail me the answer please teach me how to e-mail i have never e-mail anyone on yahoo before lol.

Best answer:

Answer by andrewsarah2006
Alchemic transmutation circles are a myth, popularized by the anime Full Metal Alchemist. I like anime as much as the next person, especiall this one, but transmutation circles don’t exist. Alchemy is a primitive form of chemistry, though some(including myself) do believe that ancient alchemists did know some secrets that we have yet to discover. Alchemy is science, pure and simple, no matter how unconventional it may be.

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Nov 012011

Question by Jomama: Can some one teach me the basics real transmutation with real transmutation circles?
Wanna learn how to perform real transmutations.

Best answer:

Answer by mike
its not possible. Alchemy isn’t real. You have been watching too much fullmetal alchimist.

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May 092011

Question by El: Is there a link where I could see all the Full metal Alchemist transmutation circles?
I like to draw some transmutation circles like Ed and Al’s. Or the homunculus. I don’t know if there’s others but is there a link where I could see all th FMA transmutation circles?

Best answer:

Answer by lord_coolness aka Donnell
type it in google images

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Mar 072011

The Outer Temple of Witchcraft: Circles, Spells and Rituals (Penczak Temple Series)

  • ISBN13: 9780738705316
  • Condition: New
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2005 Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) tied Winner for Book of the Year and Winner for Best Magic/Magick Book!

As you enter the heart of witchcraft, you find at its core the power of sacred space. In Christopher Penczak’s first book, The Inner Temple of Witchcraft, you found the sacred space within yourself. Now The Outer Temple of Witchcraft helps you manifest the sacred in the outer world through ritual and spellwork. The book’s twelve lessons, with exercises, rituals, and h

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Jan 032011

Question by Chii-chan: How to make and use alchemical transmutation circles? NOT full metal alchemist please!?
I was wondering how to make and use real alchemical transmutation circles and how to do alchemy in general. It has always interested me…but Im not talking about the anime full metal alchemist, so please answer seriously please! :D
Thanks for any help!

Best answer:

Answer by Xanthine
One of the less-than-successful endeavors of alchemy was transmutating one (elemental) metal into another (elemental) metal. We now know that only nuclear reactions can accomplish this trick, and it usually involves elements that are not stable to start with (radioactive elements, that is). Even modern technology has a hard time converting a few atoms of a non-radioactive element into another element. The only place were it happens in large quantities is inside stars and supernova.

Looks like someone watches too much anime :)

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