Aug 042013

Question by yo yo itz alex :) : Is there an actual name for the plastic circle thing that goes around six packs of soda ?
my little brother is using this in his story about earth day and doesnt know what to call it . if you dont what the plastic thing im talking about is … itz the thing love lace got stuck around his neck by the “mystic beings” in happy feet . please help !

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Answer by Friendly Neighborhood Atheist
The holder? I know what you’re talking about but i’ve never really thought about it.

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Nov 202011

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Oct 072011

Question by chrisp2424: What do you think about the idea of there being no death, existence just continuing in a circle?
Our consciousness affects our subatomic particles and by quantum physics we know that the particles can be anywhere at any given moment or spring up in multiple places at the same time and most likely in more dimensions.

So, wouldn’t it make sense that we are existing somewhere else at this very moment and when we die we just continue life in one of the places that we are already alive? Life just continues in these circles with there being no true death other than past things falling apart.

Does anyone believe this idea? If you don’t, why? If you do, then what is the point of all this?

PS. I’m not high, just bored. Don’t bother with the predictable jokes.

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Answer by xmiyokix
I like the idea.

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Aug 062011

Question by Alek: How do you create a transmutation circle?
I don’t meant like, for real in order to use one or anything.

I just want to know how one goes about creating the the alchemic equation and drawing it out. I think they’re very artistic and would want to know how I could customize one or learn to create one of my own.

Sorry if this question isn’t in the right category. I don’t see a category for different Pseudosciences or anything.

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Answer by Joey N
Many seen today are simply interpretations of what the lost transmutation circles would of appeared like. Circles and Triangles are the only geometric shapes used and the “figures” drawn at each vertex and in the interior circles are based on what you are transmuting.

That might help?

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May 222011
by pstao1

Question by : What do you think of an FMA Transmutation Circle tattoo?
I want to get a tattoo of a transmutation circle from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist. Usually, I would just design my own tattoo but I love how intricate, symmetrical, and balanced they are. I want to get the same one and the same size as the picture link below on my shoulder blade

also, how much would one of those cost me?

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Answer by Truth
A tattoo of a transmutation circle from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist symbolizes that the person wearing it is impulsive, makes poor decisions, would not be a good employee, or a good spouse, or a good mother or father. A tattoo of a transmutation circle from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist, or any tattoo, symbolizes that there is “something wrong” with the person who has it, and the tattoo is a walking advertisement to “stay away if you care about yourself”. A tattoo of a transmutation circle from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist symbolizes the person is a risk taker, did poorly in school, and is sexually promiscuous. A tattoo of a transmutation circle from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist means they are more likely to have an STD, and will infect you if you allow them too. Tattoos are an urban blight. They are ugly, like graffiti. Like graffiti, they lower the quality of the environment. Tattoos lower the quality of life for everyone who has to look at them, defacing the body of the person foolish or degraded enough to get one. There is an 80% chance you will regret it in your lifetime. The regret starts after you start to notice how people react to you. Many people will look at you with disgust, for tattoos are offensive to many, many people. A tattoo is little better than a cartoon—you can’t get a good quality drawing on the human skin. It will deface your body like ugly graffiti defaces a public building. Your chances of getting a good job will be greatly diminished—most companies will not hire you since your tattoo will be seen as offensive to other workers. The majority of western people get tattooed when young and their decision making process is not yet matured. Youth tends to be impulsive. Young people are still developing and they need to be very careful in making important, permanent decisions. The reasons young people get tattooed are not mature (i.e. they want people to notice them, they want to pretentiously “honor” someone in a way that will attract notice, they want to pretentiously present some “deep” quotation on their skin in the hope that people will think they too are “deep”, they are rebelling against their parents or society, they are conforming to what they think are social norms, they are unable to see ahead and view the negative results of their actions, etc.)

The cost of a tattoo is beyond calculation, and can not be measured in the dollars you pay the tattoo predator. The real cost is, a lifetime of regret.God bless.

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May 072011

Question by DOOMED! We’re all Doomed!: After the upcoming collective consciousness shift, will you participate in the nude circle dance?
My consciousness would have to be expanded pretty far to participate in something like that.

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Answer by Splash Log
I have no problem with nudity.

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Apr 122011

Question by ??????: Is there a device used to make someone loose consciousness that leaves a circle of pin pricks on back of ear?
I read an article that described a circle of marks behind a victims ear who passed out during the assault. I wondered if the marks were pertenint and the reason the person lost consciousness?
Interesting about X-men, but it was a serious article.

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Answer by true_blue_canadian_copper
Never heard of such a device.

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Apr 012011

A small portfolio of the most recent crop circles as of 7/3/09, and examination of the meaning of 7/7/09. A crop circle researcher gave a stunning revelation about this date and the time period to follow. Special thanks to This site is outstanding for the latest information, research, and theories!
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Mar 182011

An introduction to alchemical/magickal fire circle events like Vegas Vortex and Four Quarters’ Fires Rising. Coordinated by Jeff ‘Magnus’ McBride, Abbi Spinner McBride, Michael Wall, and Joshua Levin. For More info see and Music by Abbi Spinner McBride. Video used with permission- ©2006 Reel Time Images; Prod. VisionTV CA
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