May 052014

Question by Violet.Haze: Christianity: A Mystic Religion?
… Do you consider Christianity a Mystic Religion?
Please give your understanding why it is, or why it isn’t.

(Ex. The distinctions/similarities between Christianity and Mystic Religions.)

And for those that don’t mind, state your religious background/position. (I’m collecting data for a poll. I appreciate your help!)

Thank you for participating!

P.S. I look forward to hearing everyone’s Point of View! ;-)

Best answer:

Answer by eelai000
absolutely. it has a common ancestor with several mystic religions.

people go into trances and cast out demons. they repetively pray to dead people and hold tradition and ceremony as acred. and they think they are immortal. how much more mystic does it get?

former-christian now naturalist who still believes in a Cosmic Conceiver

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Nov 162013

Question by Kevin H: What are the major differences between Eastern Orthodox and Western Christianity?
What are the major differences between Eastern Orthodox and Western Christianity and protestantism?

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Answer by bunnielove89
“The main difference between Eastern-Rite and Western-Rite Orthodoxy is culture based. In the Eastern part of the world, the main cultures we see in Orthodoxy are found in Russia, Greece, and the Arabs. In the Western part of the world, the main cultures we see in Orthodoxy are found in America and Europe. Each region, and each country, that finds itself holding fast to the Orthodox Christian Faith is in full communion with eachother on a Theological level. The culture may be different, and the leaders and administration may also be different; but the Faith and the teachings are the same. We all recognize the same saints, say the same prayers, and teach the same traditions and teachings handed down to us by Jesus Christ and His Apostles.”

^That is a quote from the source in the link. Personally I have no idea though =D

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Nov 252012

Question by Ziggy A.: Why does the theme of reincarnation not exist in Christianity?
Or does it? I was reading on Wikipedia that in early Christianity or early branches of it, the topic of reincarnation was there, thought of. Do you think it’s possible that Hell does not exist and we pay for sins on Earth. “Hell” on Earth? Since souls can’t be destroyed, I think, we reincarnate again and again until we do have true passage to Heaven. Because maybe we all should have the chance to go there!?

Or maybe I’m just being dumb, tell me what you think, and actual facts.

Best answer:

Answer by Lizzii
No it does not.
edit: Wow, I’m dumb. I didn’t read your question like I thought it read.

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Sep 262012

Question by Leonard K: Can the Eastern Orthodox Church be considered genuine Christianity?
These ancient churches in the East may have a lot of history, but they seem to be full of mysticism and rituals. Iconography, rituals, incense, dominate. Salvation is attained by the “Sacred Mysteries rituals”. Strange doctrines like theosis – where man becomes like God, which sounds Mormonish. They may trace their history to Bible times but they don’t seem biblical. what do you think?

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Answer by Breandan An Bodhbhdercc
I’ve always found the Orthodox Church to follow the Bible a lot better than Protestant Churches.

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Feb 202012

Question by crewsifixion: Is Monotheism the Greatest threat to Christianity and the Trinity concept ?
This would explain why Christians love to bash Islam with current events while ignoring all the violence they themselves are orchestrating around the world.

Monotheism is the true belief in the God of Abraham which is why Jews and Muslims do not believe in the Trinity.

“The three-in-one/one-in-three mystery of Father, Son and Holy Ghost made tritheism official. The subsequent almost-deification of the Virgin Mary made it quatrotheism . . . Finally, cart-loads of saints raised to quarter-deification turned Christianity into plain old-fashioned polytheism. By the time of the Crusades, it was the most polytheistic religion to ever have existed, with the possible exception of Hinduism.

This untenable contradiction between the assertion of monotheism and the reality of polytheism was dealt with by accusing other religions of the Christian fault.

The Church – Catholic and later Protestant – turned aggressively on the two most clearly monotheistic religions in view – Judaism and Islam – and persecuted them as heathen or pagan.

The external history of Christianity consists largely of accusations that other religions rely on the worship of more than one god and therefore not the true God. These pagans must therefore be converted, conquered and/or killed for their own good in order that they benefit from the singularity of the Holy Trinity, plus appendages.” — The Doubter’s Companion (John Ralston Saul)

Polytheism is the concept that God can be three separate entities at one and the same time.
1) Jesus
2) Holy Ghost in the form of a Dove
3) God Above

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Answer by Sorrowful W
Christianity is a monotheism just as Hinduism is a monotheism, just as Islam and Judaism are monotheisms.

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Dec 112011

Question by Ijifirst name: Does the May 21 failed prediction cast doubt on Christianity?
I notice many ‘evangelicals’ laughing at Camping. But many can laugh just as equally at many of their beliefs. Do you think this failed apocalypse prediction in a way puts their statements in question.

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Answer by Purportedly Magic Jew
I’m pretty sure all around lack of evidence casts doubt on Christianity.

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Nov 292011

Question by Kenny777: Does alchemy go against the religious teachings of Christianity?
Something that has been bugging me for a long time is alchemy and Christianity (or Catholicism), as well as magic, since those two kind of fall into the same categories.

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Answer by Christy
Alchemy is basically classified as witchcraft by religions similar to Christianity (Judaism, Muslim, etc.) and practicing it does go against some scriptures. In my opinion though, if you were to compare each religion side by side, Wiccan would look like the much more sane religion. Do not worry about such small scripture, just remember Tim 4:10…

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Oct 272011

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Oct 262011

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Sep 272011

Question by DIEANOTHERDAY: do you believe the christianity gnosticism was the first christian church?
before the official catholic church, eastern orthodox and the today protestant sects?
the gnostic christians are now dissapeared? no

Best answer:

Answer by Chris Greenwood

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