Jun 222014

Question by sam: In university requirements, is geography considered a ‘science’, or is it only physics, biology, chemistry?
I know that biology, chemistry and physics are typical sciences, but i was wondering if geography was considered as a science?
In terms of university requirements/applications..? (in the UK)

For example some courses i am looking at, state the requirements of English and a science..and physics was the only science i took at GCSE level, and i dropped it after that.

oh yeah..social studies. i don’t know why i didn’t think of that..cos i actually know it aha :| there was just something in the back of my mind thinking that geography might be classed as a science..like an earth science.

oh well..thanks anyway. [:

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Answer by ☮Androgynous☮
Geography is considered as a social study, I believe.
Also, chemistry, biology, and physics are lab sciences, unlike psychology, sociology, and physical science.

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Jun 122014

Question by Ken: Should I take AP Chemistry or Physics honors? Read details?
So sophomore year i took honors chem and it was ok, I had a B through out the entire year. Since we only have 3 main science classes that we HAVE to take (bio, chem, and physics) but we have to have 4 years of science. Does that make sense??? so should I take ap Chem my junior year? Then just take physics senior year? Thanks!!!

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Answer by Tanner
Yes you should. The AP class is very helpful, if you do well on the test you can get college credits and not have to take the class in college.

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Apr 112014

Question by logemon1: Should I take chemistry or physics for Computer Science major?
I am a college student and I have the option of taking either a 3-course chemistry series or a 3-course physics series. I am not sure which one I should take. What are the advantages in the field with both of them? What benefits will I gain from each one as it pertains to my Computer Science career? Thanks!

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Answer by jpturboprop
Take the physics. It has more immediate application to semiconductor theory….

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Apr 102014

Question by mobeks: got into UCLA neuroscience and Berkeley College of Chemistry. Please help me pick.?
This is for undergraduate programs at those colleges.

UCLA pros: I am strongly passionate about neuroscience, so this seems nearly perfect
con: Very far from where I live, (8 hours at least!)

Berkeley pros: It has greater, however slight, prestige.
It has the number 1 (or really really close) chemistry program in the world
It is fairly close, which means i can drive home and see my family every(other) weekend

Please explain why I should pick your suggestion. If you pick Berkeley, do you think that going there will allow me a better career in neuroscience(because I’m assuming I’ll be pretty well equipped chemistry or chemical biology-wise)
1 hour ago – 4 days left to answer.
Additional Details
Not going to Berkeley seems like a waste, especially because of how hard it is to get in there and get acquainted with such a prestigious environment(would provide me contacts, etc. which would be great for future careers)
I plan to go to medical school

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Answer by Catarina
You are passionate about neuroscience, so you are more likely to be an outstanding star of the program at UCLA. Are you aiming for medical school or a PhD?

Distance from your family of origin should not be a primary factor since you will be growing and changing more than you can predict now in the first years of college.

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Apr 082014

Question by jenniferlemoine2007: Good science (physics or chemistry) question?
Looking for a topic to write a 2 page essay on…has to be on physical science, physics or chemistry that has been in the news within the last year. I really don’t pay much attention to the news really and I googled stuff but didn’t find anything interesting and what I did find interesting was over 1year old. Throw out suggestions, my essay will be from a topic I probably don’t know any thing about so in retrospect I will be learning and just might get me a lil bit more interested in science.

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Answer by Kreeos Kren
The LHC is finding some evidence towards the existence of the Higgs Boson. That’s been in the news pretty recently.

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Mar 292014

Question by Abigail: Who has taken biology? Is it easier than physics and chemistry?
Is biology courses easier than science courses aimed at physics and chemistry? Or is it easier than earth science?

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Answer by Captain
Biology sucks. Take physics.

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Feb 072014

Question by Brandon G: Should I take Physics or Chemistry?
I hate science, but I need another year of it to graduate. I was supposed to go in to chemistry last year, but I avoided it. All my friends complain about chemistry. However, they say that physics doesn’t seem so great either. Now my options are Physics or Chemistry. I’m good at algebra and awful at geometry. If I take chemistry I will be with people from the grade under me and not know anyone. The main thing I hate about science is I find it hard to relate to and I don’t see myself with a career in it.

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Answer by DoruKanji
Take physics.

Most likely, if you’re not looking into a career into science, physics will help you more. And you’ll be with people you know.

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Nov 222013

Question by john christopher: Is there a game related to science, biology, chemistry and physics?
Is there a game related to science, biology, chemistry and physics
that can be found in the internet? That can be played in the internet?
Do you have links for science games? If there are any, thank you for those that will
answer my question seriously ! = )
Nice answer Sasidhar ! It’s about theory of evolution, planet earth and galaxies.
Are there any more answers other than spore?
Thank you Sasidhar !
Are there any other online games related to science ?
Thanks in advanced ! = )

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Answer by Sasidhar
Try Spore. Its not ideal but comes pretty close when you consider mainstream games.

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Aug 312012

Question by The Salesman: Where can I go to learn basic science, chemistry and physics online for free?
I have very little money and I am desperate to learn these subjects. Please help.

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Answer by Nuclear Sauce
here are some good online resources:





and don’t forget about wikipedia…it has tons of information; and surprisingly, youtube has a few decent learning resources if you can search past all the bs….

hope this helps

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