Feb 242014

Question by Jazmine: What is a good mystic name for a character?
I’m writing a new story and I could use some good mystic type names. Boy or girl.

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Answer by Sei’triona
my name?
i get people coming up to me at school all the time calling me stuff like “elf” and “you fighting any dragons”
just coz my parents were into fantasy XD

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Dec 102013

Question by : What character creeps you out the most in your favorite anime?
Creed totally creeps out in Black Cat with his obsession with Train! And Pride kinda creeps me out in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood…so does Father.
What about you? And why?

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Answer by james
hitagi from bakemonogatari … crazy women >.< oh... and L from death note is a bit creepy

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Dec 062013

Question by sp: Does anyone know any good traits for the character Santiago in “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho?
Does anyone know any good traits for the character Santiago in “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho? Thanks so much

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Answer by SarahJayne
Santiago is hard working, trust worthy, loving, and energetic. He tends to trust people too much, in my opinion. Like how he let the guy hold his money when he had just met him. Bad idea.

I have a question about this book, too! Answer mine:


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Oct 112012

Question by CryingKidsDotCom: Harry Potter the most underdeveloped/dull character in the series?
Harry Potter is commonly loved by young and old because of the love and adventure/fantasy brought into the books and the high budget well written movies as well but no one seems to notice how dull the character Harry Potter really is. I mean come on he never really shows any true emotion except seeming upset or angry at points but he is so over rated, not the books or movies but how great he is/ He isnt that selfless either. Yeah his parents sacrifed themselves for him and he pretty much sacrificed himself in the last one but there was no emotion in it, he never showed he was upset to die but the reward of saving his friends and family was what motivated him and everyone praising him for not really doing anything. And the first 3-4 books were like mystery/detective books in a wizerdy world you cant deny that then it gets all heavy into horcruxes which I don’t think was originally planned and they through that into the mix and try to make Harry look so self ritious but in the end is really the least exciting character, he’s always so flat and dull and it just bores me. I love the movies and love the story’s but I just wish people would acknowledged this.
And a lot of his actions are unrealistic to the situation and as for his feelings toward his family treating him awful, he never really reacted to it or showed reaction other than singing happy birthday to himself or talking to hedwig.
@RKL88 you’re naming of all the things he’s done and not his motivation or characteristics/emotion. I could say I took a shit and think nothing of it as you said he is so exciting because he defeated the dark lord instead of saying why or what led him to that point.

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Answer by Leah
I understand where you’re coming from, his character ultimately IS dull. But I don’t think Harry was that unemotional. Think about it, you’re parents died and the family that you’ve been living with hates the living shit out of you…I mean…what are you supposed to feel?

It’s not like his main goal in life was to be praised, it’s just that he did what he had to do to save the ones that he truly valued in his life. In my point of view, the reason why Harry wasn’t upset about dying was because his loved ones were in danger and he still knew that the only way to save his friends was for him to succeed. I believe that that’s selflessness, a trait Harry had learned to develop over the books.

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Aug 222012

Question by ♥Miss Katherine Aibileen♥: Opinions on character names?
I just want some opinions on what you think of my character’s names.

My story is about a group of kids who travel around the world on dragons to solve a mystery (with the help of some mythical creatures) to clear the main character’s deceased father of a crime he didn’t commit.

Arthur Witham: The main character. 18 years old with blonde hair and blue eyes. Very smart, but can be oblivious to things when it comes to common sense.

Lake Miller: Arthur’s best friend. 18 years old and very cute. Has black hair and brown eyes. very superficial and narcissistic.

Lydia Rosseau “Rosseau”: Arthur and Lake’s friend. 17 with red hair and hazel eyes. Sarcastic and smart. Not exactly strong.

Tiffany Witham: Arthur’s kid sister. 13 with the same hair and eye color as Arthur. She’s very athletic and can be annoying sometimes.

Venetus: Arthur’s dragon. Pale blue and built for battle. very strong.

Mauv: Tiffany’s dragon. Small and purple. very swift.

Icharus: Lake’s dragon. Yellow and Orange. Breed for speed.

Mirantheos: Rosseau’s dragon. Flaming red to match her hair. Very tough.

Camille Demal: Veela that attracts Arthur. Absolutely gorgeous with long blonde hair and golden eyes.

That’s all I’ve got so far. So opinions and suggestions are greatly appreciated. :)

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Answer by Atsuko_Chan
They’re fine, I guess? The development of the character’s personality is what’s important–focus on that.

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Feb 292012

Question by : What type of character is the crystal merchant from the book The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho?
Is the crystal merchant static or dynamic, and is he flat or round? I don’t really exactly what all the flat round, static dynamic, differences are. I just know one is changing, and the other is unchanging. But what would make the crystal merchant flat/round and static/dynamic?

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Answer by J
The crystal merchant wohldntbe static, as his
mind defonately changes views on life after the
boyhelps him. Though his mindset is still the same,
his belief is stronger

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Jan 182012

Question by SkeetOnYoChick: Can someone give me a detailed character sketch of Edna Pontellier in The Awakening?
I need a brief or long overview character sketch of Edna Pontellier in the book The Awakening by Kate Chopin. All the help would be great. I appreciate the helps guys. Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Mickey
Edna Pontellier – Edna is the protagonist of the novel, and the “awakening” to which the title refers is hers. The twenty-eight-year-old wife of a New Orleans businessman, Edna suddenly finds herself dissatisfied with her marriage and the limited, conservative lifestyle that it allows. She emerges from her semi-conscious state of devoted wife and mother to a state of total awareness, in which she discovers her own identity and acts on her desires for emotional and sexual satisfaction. Through a series of experiences, or “awakenings,” Edna becomes a shockingly independent woman, who lives apart from her husband and children and is responsible only to her own urges and passions. Tragically, Edna’s awakenings isolate her from others and ultimately lead her to a state of total solitude.
Edna Pontellier (In-Depth Analysis)

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Jan 042012

Channeling the power of the Force to give them strength in combat and clarity in diplomacy, Jedi Consulars are respected for their leadership on the battlefield as well as their evenhanded demeanor at the negotiating table. While many devote themselves to uncovering the ancient secrets of the Jedi and use their command of the Force to defend and protect their allies, others use the Force as a means of slipping into the shadows and becoming powerful servants for the Republic.

Dec 222011

Question by Amy J: What food would the character Adele from the Awakening most likely take to a dinner party?
I have to do a project where I’m Adele from the novel the Awakening and I have to dress up like her and take a dish/food/drink item that would be relevent to my character. I don’t know if it mentions anything like this in the book, if not would i just need like a cake or something motherly?

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Answer by Cat
Since she was both married and pregnant I think any pastry. I would choose cookies. Cake is fine though

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Dec 142011

Question by CuriosityM: tv show/series where the main character is similar to Robin Hood and Merlin?
In the shows Robin HOod and Merlin, it;s both in the middles ages or something, they portray characters that save the day and they have an incredible talent (able to shoot arrows perfectly & is secretly a skillful wizard) Something along those lines.

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Answer by Spanner88
I know what you mean… They are both GREAT shows,
I watched all of the robin hood and merlin and also wondered if there is anything else out there, I found legend of the seeker, IT IS SO GOOD. Its like both merlin and robin hood in one. And of course the good guys always win and succeed. There is 40 or so episode so that should keep you busy for a while. Richard Cyher is the main character and is being hunted by Darken Rahl (evil ruler guy) Because he is the “seeker”. You have to see the show to understand it but it is just awesome. Richard has a special sword and extreme fighting skills so he is quite good at that line of stuff, and he his also quite good at running away from the enemy (hiding) and disguises…
Have FUN!

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