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Dec 122011

Question by Kiiyoko k: How does Merlin’s portrayal in “The Crystal Cave” contrast with other accounts of him in other works?
As stated above, how does Merlin’s portrayal in “The Crystal Cave” by Mary Stewart compare with his portrayal in other well known works of the character (Eg. “Le morte d’ Arthur, The once and future king, etc)

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Answer by lockedjew
Interesting question. I think the key is that Stewart’s books are narrated from Merlin’s perspective. As such, he’s more human, in a great many ways. First off, he doesn’t come from nowhere. Rather, he has a background, and it affects the way he acts and perceives the world. Also, we see context for all of his actions and plans. He isn’t just old and venerable and near infallible, because we see him at non-essential times. There are a few examples I can think of, but I’m not sure if they’re Crystal Cave or or one of the later books in the trilogy, and I don’t want to spoil if you haven’t read the rest yet. Which you definitely should, by the way. The Hollow Hills and then The Last Enchantment.

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