Jun 142014

Basically, here are the options:

-Honours life science (more general)
-Biochemical science/biomedical
-Medical physics

I absolutely love science, but most of all I love chemistry, physics and math. I do like biology, but only in terms of diseases, etc.

I love physics but I’m not good with technology, and I don’t have all the prerequisites for going into that program, although I could always obtain the credits. On the midterms for physics, I only ended up getting a 67% average (this was 10% above average though).. so I don’t even know if I can handle more physics.

I wish I could go on taking all of the science courses, I don’t know what to do.

I also have to consider what will get me in a better position for graduate school. I plan on going into research most likely.

Can anyone please offer some suggestions?!

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Answer by C_Rock136
Since you seem to like diseases in biology you could become a medical microbiologist which deals with microorganisms and disease. In terms of chemistry, physics, and math — you could become a chemical engineer which only requires 4 years of school and involves all 3. If you like life science in general, maybe something related to animals interests you such as wildlife biology, zoology, or marine life biology. Whatever path you choose, your heading down the right road, you will graduate with a better starting pay and better options in science and math then someone who choose the liberal arts road. Good luck in your future endeavors.

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Jun 022014

Question by Cade: What is a career in Neuroscience like? ANYONE with neuro experience please!?
What is a career in Neuroscience like? ANYONE with neuro experience please!?
IN CLASS what should I expect? A lot of reading? Memorization? Hands on? How many years does it usually take before you are in a lab and able to work on research? Is the field competitive? I want to do lab research. Is the pay good (although not in it for the pay) and finally how math heavy is it and what can I do now as a new college student taking basic classes to prepare myself?

Interested in neurophysiology branch
Sorry first half got cut off. Basically I said when I think of neuroscience first thing that comes to mind are those 3D animations you always see on tv shows.


I have no other real experience of working in a lab I never took those sort of classes in grade school.

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Answer by Talono
I don’t know much about neuroscience, but I do know a few general things:

If you expect to do any kind of science-related research work, it will always be math heavy.

Biology is always especially heavy on memorization.

There really is no time requirement to start research. Since you’re in college, you can start research as an undergraduate through your college’s mentoring programs, various undergraduate research programs across the country, or by asking a professor. Afterwards, you can go to Grad school to do more research. After Grad school, you’ll probably do a postdoc or go into industry. If you’re really good, you can get hired by a university.

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Mar 152013

Question by Michelle: What to major in for a career involving genetics?
I want to have a career that involves research in genetic engineering and manipulating the human genome. I plan on going to grad school.
Right now, what looks interesting to me is a double major in neuroscience and anthropology.
But it seems my college has more pertinent majors to the career I want, like cell and molec. biology, biomedical engineering, biochemistry, etc.
What would be the process of going to grad school in this area and what major will give me the best background to be successful in this career?

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Answer by David
For a best background in genetics molecular biology would be your best bet

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Jan 202013

Question by Attack Watch Monitor: How do I go about a career change?
I’m 28, and live at home because I studied English during undergrad – which wasn’t for me. I want to start on a new career but I’m still not sure what I want to do. I used to want to study natural science such as physics but that doesnt seem realistic anymore although it’s a nice fantasy. I’m considering urban planning or library science. I would like to speak to professionals to get an idea of what working in their fields is like. I don’t feel comfortable approaching people, however, considering my age and lack of experience. I’ve just been doing research on careers on my own. Can anyone help me out?

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Answer by flingebunt
Well you have to start with your strengths. You studied English, which gives you opportunities in journalism, editing and writing. Whatever you do their will be a chance to do some writing.

Some easy approaches is to do a masters in business or information technology. Then, you can be a business or technical writer. Your english major will work to your advantage.

There are many paths to working in a library, a lot of university libraries employ people who are specialists in a topic rather than actually librarians. You can get into that area fairly easily. Library work is fairly diverse, with library work in industry (many large companies have libraries, both physical and virtual) as well as commercial libraries that support industry and business on a fee paying basis. Often libraries offer access to a range of technological resources.

Urban planning is an interesting and challenging area. But there aren’t going to be that many jobs specifically as urban planners. Rather urban planners come from the field of architecture.

Don’t worry about your age or background. Many people switch careers, often combining the best of both worlds. Look for the paths that your background is an advantage.

Also some professions, such as Psychology, older graduates actually have the advantage over younger graduates.

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Jan 102013

Question by alexisann87: What should I study in college in order to do medical research as a career?
I am really interested in Neurology and doing research in that field but the school I’m going to now doesn’t have a neuroscience program. My major is currently Chemistry. Will that give me enough background to get into a good Neuroscience graduate program?

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Answer by Aeryn Sun
either that or biology.

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Sep 232012

Question by : what should my career be?
im a highschool junior girl picking senior courses and stuff, but i have no idea what i want to be be! plzz help?
i dont want to do anything medical or in the teaching area. i want a career with excitemnt and adventure( i dont want to be stuck in a cubicle all day) i want to travel!!!
i origanlly thought archeology because i like ancient mysteries and stuff, then i thought astronomy, but i am not good at math
what careers are adventurous, exciting, and maybe a little dangerous?!!

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Answer by Ed Atun
Consider being a crew member on a freighter. You might be at sea for 4 months. You get to visit foreign countries. You can study astronomy onboard.

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Jan 242012

Career Guide: Should I Be A Nurse?
Most Students Entering Nursing School Have No Idea What Nursing Is Really Like, Or If They Have What It Takes To Be A Nurse. Nursing School Costs ,000-,000/semester. You Can’t Afford To Make A Mistake! “should I Be A Nurse?” E-book, 102 Pages
Career Guide: Should I Be A Nurse?

Potty Training
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Potty Training

Jan 202012

Question by mikkhattak: The idea of having a single career is becoming an old fashioned one. The new fashion will be to have several?
The idea of having a single career is becoming an old fashioned one. The new fashion will be to have several careers or ways of earning money and further education will be something that continues through?

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Answer by mslider2
The only people who feel that having a single career is old fashioned are the people trying to explain their job hopping.

These are the same people who say staying married to the same person is old fashioned.

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Dec 192011

Question by : help with a career path.?
So i just graduated high school and i have no idea what i want to do. i really thought about going into egyptology but thats an 8 year degree!! Im really interested in ancient cultures and really old mysteries like easter island and stonehenge ect. I sat down and thought about some classes i would like to take but when i look at the list it just looks like a bunch of random classes that wouldnt form into a career. Heres the list.
symbolic studies
Ancient history
Ancient Text and languages

i also really like studying space and planets. but im terrible at math and that plays a pretty big part in an astronomers career.
I want to be realistic here though. If i could take the guy from “Legend Quest” the show on scyfi That would be my dream job. but i highly doubt thats gonna happen.
I also want to travel and see the world. I like studying ancient greek and roman folklore and mythological creatures. I love being outdoors and studying animals and such. So a traveling job would be amazing for me.So if anybody could help me out as to any career paths i could take and jobs to look at it would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by soaplakegirl
Try archeology. That sounds like it would be a good fit for you.

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Dec 132011

Question by Lily: What career if I have great reflexes and excellent spacial awareness & hand/eye coordination?
I am a a girl and recently I did some aptitude tests and my results came back that both my physical reflexes and spacial awareness were extraordinary. They also revealed that my hand to eye coordination and visual memory is excellent.
If I apply these results to choosing a career I would do well in what sort of careers do you thing would suit these aptitudes?


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Answer by Kousha M
Any sport pretty muc. especialy basketball and soccer goaly. u shud try and play those, and if u get good enof u might actualy get a career out of it

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