Jan 152014

Question by Lightning: Does anyone have access to any of the books in Orson Scott Card’s Women of Genesis series?
If you do, could you tell me whether there’s a bibliography in the back of the books? And if so, what books are listed in the bibliography?


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Answer by Doc
You can look up the book on Amazon dot com, look inside the book, and get the information you want. There doesn’t seem to be a bibliography, per se, but I think I see what you want. For example, in the “Afterward” section of “Sarah” we find these words at the end of the book, on pages 340-341,

“Here are some of the sources I used in preparing this book. They are all interesting and valuable books, even if I often drew conclusions that the authors might not have been pleased with, and even though some of the scholars, at least, were quite avidly of the rejectionist camp. I consulted many other books, but these were the ones I found most useful and trustworthy, and I intend to use again as sources.
Donald B. Redford, “Egypt, Canaan, and Israel in Ancient Times” (Princeton University Press, 1992)
Gosta W. Ahlstrom, “The History of Ancient Palestine” (Sheffield Academic Press/Fortress Press, 1993, 1994)
Gay Robins, “Women in Ancient Egypt” (Harvard University Press, 1993)
Michael Rice, “Egypt’s Making: The Origins of Ancient Egypt, 5000-2000 B.C. (Routledge, 1990)
And for those who do not immediately recognize the source of some of the events early in the novel, those are based on the book of Abraham in the “Pearl of Great Price, a book of scripture recognized only within the LDS Church.
Peter James and Nick Thorp, “Ancient Mysteries (Ballantine, 1999). The great care these authors took in verifying speculation and drawing evidence from many disciplines made this a fascinating and useful tool—especially concerning the location of Sodom and the events surrounding its destruction.
If you have questions or comments about any aspect of this novel, you are invited to visit http://www.hatrack.com or http://www.nauvoo.com. “


I didn’t see any kind of bibliography or Afterward for “Rebecca,” just a kind of study guide. There was some information in the Preface, however. Orson Card wrote on page vii:

“I used all the sources that previously helped me in writing “Sarah,” the companion volume to this book, and in addition, Norman L. Heap’s “Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob: Servants and Prophets of God”) Family History Publications, Greensboro NC, 1986, 1999)….

As for “Rachel and Leah,” there is an “Afterward,” but I couldn’t look at all of it. What I saw did not seem to indicate more bibliography. I saw no “Preface” to this book. What you see in these “Look inside” is rather random.

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Sep 062013

Question by Ðαx²: YGO – What cards give control of my monsters to my opponent?
I want to utilize cards like Griggle with Mystic Box or Creature Swap in a deck where I can give control of my cards, and get good effects.
Also, opinions on a deck that could be made like this? Like, how do you think it would hold up against certain decks.
Plus, which card deals 1000 damage when it switches control?

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Answer by pikapika212
dunno, but ameba does 2000 if it switches control
shiens box – i believe its called gives your monster to your opponents

the deck itself could work but will require alot of setup or so, so you will need alot of stall

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Apr 292013

Question by Tim: Yugioh: Which monster cards allow you to special summon other monsters from the hand or deck?
Which monster cards allow you to special summon other monsters from the hand or deck (not graveyard) without being destroyed? I know that Deep Sea Diva and Tour Guide from the Underworld are good options. Mystic Tomato and Sangan won’t work, because those cards have to be sent to the graveyard in order to active the affect. I’m looking for good xyz material. Thanks.

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Answer by Adam
Marauding captain summons a monster from the hand, Kagemucha knight can be summoned from the hand when another 3 star monster is summoned. Spell Striker summons itself from the hand by banishing a spell card from the grave. Inzektor Dragonfly summons another inzektor from the deck when its equip card is sent to the grave, emergency teleport (spell card) summons one psychic from the deck, monster slots lets you draw a card, and if it’s the same level as the one you have face up on the field you can special summon it.

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Apr 182013
by Joe_13

Question by HaserX: What are some cards effects that ativates while in the grave or when sent to the graveyard.?
I’m not looking for cards that involving battle like (mystic tomato, UFO Turtle, etc). I have already have Dandylion, Sangan, Night Assailient, Dasher, Malifeous, and Peten the dark clown. Are their any good cards that work well with the graveyard.

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Answer by Rafi
There are lots, here are some:

-These interact with your graveyard:

* “A Feather of the Phoenix”
* “Alien Ammonite”
* “Ambulance Rescueroid”
* “Archfiend’s Roar”
* “Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning”
* “Call of the Haunted”
* “Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End”
* “Chaos Sorcerer”
* “Dark Eruption”
* “Decoy Dragon”
* “Destiny Hero – Captain Tenacious”
* “Destiny Hero – Fear Monger”
* “Destiny Mirage”
* “Expressroid”
* “Fusion Recovery”
* “Fulfillment of the Contract”
* “Gladiator Beast Darius”
* “Gladiator Beast Equeste”
* “Junk Synchron”
* “Koa’ki Meiru Ghoulungulate”
* “Lava Dragon”
* “Level Modulation”
* “Limit Reverse”
* “Magical Stone Excavation”
* “Magician of Faith”
* “Mask of Darkness”
* “Megarock Dragon”
* “Miracle Fusion”
* “Monster Reborn”
* “Monster Reincarnation”
* “Overload Fusion”
* “Penguin Knight”
* “Premature Burial”
* “Recurring Nightmare”
* “Recycle”
* “Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon”
* “Red-Eyes Wyvern”
* “Rope of Life”
* “Silent Doom”
* “Soul Resurrection”
* “Spear Cretin”
* “Swing of Memories”
* “The Shallow Grave”
* “Time Machine”
* “The Rock Spirit”
* “The Warrior Returning Alive”
* “Van’Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord”
* “Wroughtweiler”

-These interact with your opponents graveyard:

* “Autonomous Action Unit”
* “Card Ejector”
* “Disappear”
* “D.D. Crow”
* “Double Spell”
* “Graverobber”
* “Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer”
* “Paladin of the Cursed Dragon”
* “Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon”
* “Victoria”
* “White-Horned Dragon”

-These interact with either/both player’s graveyard:

* “Book of Life”
* “Fiber Jar”
* “Gottoms’ Emergency Call”
* “Soul Release”
* “Monster Reborn”
* “The Transmigration Prophecy”
* “Zombie Master”
* “Pot of Benevolence”
* “Symbols of Duty”
* “Cemetary Bomb”
* “Vanguard of the Dragon”

Hope I helped ;)

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Mar 012013

Question by SuperChunkyMunkey: Should I start buying individual MTG cards?
I’ve been thinking about buying single cards rather than booster or tournament packs.The thing is with every Shards of Alara pack I’ve gotten,I’ve gotten a Mystic Rare.I could use tournament packs for all of the lands.I kind of want to test my luck again on booster packs,just for fun,but I just want some other people’s opinion.

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Answer by redyear20
well, honestly, don’t buy individual, because one single card can cost you the same as a booster box. I suggest you, buy booster instead of a single card. Buying booster pack is better, because you can have alot of cards, instead of a card that may be banned.

I hope this help ^_^

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Nov 022011

Question by MYsterious VENOM: What Yugioh cards have the same if not similar effect as the Mystic Swordsmans?
I need to know if there are any other cards with the same effect or really similar to them. Can be magic and traps. Please give as much as you guys can find. Thanks!

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Answer by Lion for a Day
The original of that effect is Sasuke Samurai, from way back in Pharaonic Guardian.
Some others are:
Six Samurai – Irou
Dark World Lightning
Nobleman of Crossout
Paladin of White Dragon
Search Search Striker
and White Ninja

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