Jun 252012

Question by Mr. Understood: Is this a good summerslam card
1. MVP vs Jeff Hardy, Ladder Match for #1 contendership for the wwe title

Have MVP win this

2. Mark Henry vs Matt Hardy, ECW title

Matt hardy wins clean

3. John Cena and Batista vs Crime Tyme, Tag Team titles

Crime tyme wins after cena turns his back on Batista, turning him heel and re-aligning himself with CT, CTC

4. Shelton Benjamin vs Mr. Kennedy, US title

The Gold Standard puts up the win clean

5. Kofi Kingston vs Paul Burchill, IC title

With help frum his sis, Burchill Wins the gold

6. Triple H vs Big Show, WWE title

Triple H wins

7. CM Punk vs JBL vs Kane vs Y2J, Fatal Four Way Elimination match for the world title.

JBL wins, then Mike A comes out and announce the match restart with JBL vs a Mystery opponent, the Ortons comes from behind and RKO’s JBL, Gets the win. We have a new world champ again! its randy Orton

8. The Undertaker vs Edge, Hell In a Cell

Taker returns as his old Ministry Taker with Paul B
Defeats Edge. Kane then interferes and beats up taker..shades of Bad blood 97

Best answer:

Answer by ~Orton 4 Life~ T.H (RAW) rawXway
Pretty good I would have given it a 8/10, better then most match cards in my opinion. Keep trying to make better ones, and get people to reply with a 10/10. It will happen.

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Jan 272012

Question by pepelales: ****URGENT***Aerie Mystics card, Magic the Gathering?
Hello All,

I would like to know if the ability of Aerie Mystics card protects itself.
I understand that when you play the ability, it protects the creatures I control but I would like to know if this ability also affects Aerie Mystics

Here is the link of the card in CardKingdom.com:


Thank in Advance.

Best answer:

Answer by Jeremy
IT says “creatures you control gain shroud” Normally if it was not going to affect itself you would see “other creatures you control gain shroud” so yes it does shroud itself.

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Dec 072011

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Nov 032011

Question by King: Can you use Time Machine on a card like Mystic Tomato and bring it back to suicide once more?
Technically, Mystic Tomato’s effect activates in the damage step as it enters the graveyard, and if you activate time machine, would that not signify a shift to later in the battle phase? I’m just confused about the timing of the chain, and was wondering if I smash the Tomato or Pyramid Turtle or UFO Turtle or Mother Grizzly or whoever into someone and use time machine to bring them back, can I smash them again for double effectiveness?

Best answer:

Answer by SINFINID
Okay, when you ram the other monster you’d play the machine and declare the tomatoes effect. Since it says to return it right afterwards in the same position then it would still be the same battle phase and you’ll be allowed to atk with it again since it’s considered a new monster. Like using book of moon on marshmallon when someone atks it, it flips again and does 1000 damage. Hope that helps ;)

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