Aug 042011

Question by sweet_emotion: Do you think our electorate is disappointed about GOP trickery of campaigning on jobs then doing nothing?

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Answer by Curtis 1911
Oh’ man that is funny,,,,,you think the electorate is disappointed by the GOP failures after only 20 days in the House, but not disappointed by obama and his failure to get the troops out of Iraq promise or his close GITMO promise, or his repeal the Patriot Act promise, or his bring the terrorists to civil court promise, or his transparency promise, or his all bills will be on the internet 5 day before the vote promise

Repealing obamacare is the biggest job creator there is. obamacare repeal will save or create millions of private sector jobs.

obamacare is set to destroy thousands of private sector health insurance companies and force Doctor’s private practice off the earth.

You are clearly suffering from what I call “liberal tunnel vision” you see only what you want to see.

obama a Good One Term President

Iraq War Cost Less then obama Stimulus

obama lies

obama Mosque

obama threats

obama bribes

obama deficit

Real Time Debt Clock

Obama is against gay marriage

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