Feb 272014

Question by Black: Meditation is witnessing your thought process and the one who is witnessing is called your consciousness?
but what if there is no separate consciousness that is witnessing arising and passing of thoughts, what if one part of brain is watching other parts of brain thinking ….there is part of brain called frontal lobe where our self awareness takes place how can any one be sure that it’s consciousness and not the frontal lobe watching thoughts taking place , maybe there is no separate consciousness but brain thinking and brain watching itself think

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Answer by Don H
There is no separate consciousness, only individuated aspects of the one consciousness that seem to be separate.

Your brain is an amazing organ it controls our muscles, respiration, pulmonary function and a host of other lesser known functions, but it does not think.

Thought is a function of consciousness/mind that exists independent of anything physical. What appears to be the brain thinking in brain function imaging and other brain measuring attempts is only blood flow being measured to the part of the brain that acts as an interface between the mind and the body. This is the secondary function of the brain after regulating bodily functions. It acts as the interface, or the mind body connection.

Without it there would be no way for the nonphysical mind to exert any control over the physical body.
It is interesting that science has done its best to overlook this fact for so long. The silly idea that thought is some magical function of some mysterious electrochemical reaction is so vague as to be hilarious. There are several ways to disprove this theory beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Being nonphysical in source your mind/consciousness is in no way effected by the death of the body and loss of the mind body interface, or brain.

Love and blessings.

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Jun 292013

Question by The Outsider: What are those lines called in South America, the aliens supposenly made?
I want to find them on Google Maps, is why I ask.

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Answer by harpertara
The Nazca lines are huge heiroglyphs that can only be seen from the air. Its in Peru.

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May 242013

Question by Jane: What are half human and half demons called?
Well, i was reading this weird book, and it talked about humans and demons having Babies.
What would they call those creatures?

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Answer by Nate
Well half human and half gods are called demigods so might as well call them demidemons.

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Mar 112013

Question by Anteater: What would a place where you can paint a pot be called in Spanish?
I know it’s an odd question, but I’m practicing talking about my town. And in my town we have a place where you can go along, pay some money and paint a pot, plate, or mug.

I wonder how I could describe this in my Spanish – it’d add a little pizzazz to my rather dull speech!!

Thanks in advance.

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Answer by nogoodloser
Are you talking about a pottery or ceramic shop? Try www.freetranslations.com

tienda de cerámica

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Oct 242012

Question by ariwa: What is in the alcoholic drink called a “Mystic Biscuit”?
I just had my 21st birthday and was given a drink called a mystic biscuit. They told me what was in it but i was almost drunk and can’t remember. I’m just curious because i can’t find it online. Does anyone know? I know it had amaretto, jager, and vampire blood vodka, but beyond that, no idea.

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Answer by Rubez
looked it up but came up with some band or something

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Feb 162012

Question by titacabreros: Russia has often been called “a riddle, a mystery, and an enigma.” So, what do you think of Russia?
If I am not mistaken it was Sir Winston Churchill who said that “Russia is a riddle, wrapped in mystery, inside an enigma.” The history of Russia, from its interesting beginning, then in the murders of two brothers, to the Tatars invasion, to the tsars (which means emperor and a sort of a copy of the Caesars in ancient Rome) and its modern world power position, has been a fascinating subject, full of twists and historical and religious significance. So, what do you think of Russia? Have you visited Moscow or its environs? Would you tell me your feelings about this vast country and its awesome people?

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Answer by Grandpa Homer : ) 70 – Not out
Russia is riddle + mystery + enigma
just like Churchill
who called himself a ‘believer in democracy’
while remaining a ‘shameless imperialst (riddle + mystery + enigma)
who had the ‘character’ & ‘culture’ (?)
to call the saintly world-teacher Mahatma Gandi
‘a falf-naked fakir.’ (fakir : beggar)

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Jan 212012

Question by katkat59@rocketmail.com: What is the sixth sense called when you can feel the presence of living people?
What is the sixth sense called when you can feel the presence of living people? I know it’s real because I have it, i don’t want to hear your opinions, just what it’s called.

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Answer by jdk2509

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Nov 282011

Question by Matt: What is it called when a magnet rubs off magnetism on another object? and some information about it?
What is it called when a magnet rubs off magnetism on another object? and some information about it?

Also, if you could give sources & links to several other websites talking about it? at least 5 please. I really appreciate it, I’m having a difficult time looking for them!
Is it called Ferromagnetism?

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Answer by billrussell42
It really does not “rub off”. The permanent magnet can induce magnetism in another object of the right material, and that has no special name as far as I know.

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Nov 102011

Question by ..*Real-ality*..: ..Einstein called this “spooky action at a distance”…?
Have you ever heard of this?
I have been reading entangled minds, and it’s really got me thinking, but it seems like i knew this stuff all along. It’s just confirming what i ‘intuitively’ knew.

This is what is Einstein wrote “spooky action at a distance” is, “The way two objects remain connected through time and space, without communicating in any conventional way, long after their initial interaction has taken place.”
What do you think do you think about that statement?

Then read this: When you drill down into the core of even the most solid looking material, separateness dissolves. All that remains are those relationships curiously extended through time and space.

Then, what about people and consciousness?(or the problem of other minds)
What about these intuitive hunches we get about other people or future events?

And the fact that, quantum physics, is telling us, this is not too viewed as a phenomena anymore, this is real and an actual occurrence.
“Einstein had a philosophic disagreement with quantum physics”

Yes Einstein did, and today he would be very upset if he found out the direction we’ve taken quantum physics.
I know that he felt like either; we couldn’t fathom it.
we would get ourselves into trouble..
Sorry, i don’t remember exactly which one he said right now…
I’ll look it up l8r.
How Are All these things interconnected?

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Answer by jack d
Good question.

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