May 172014

Question by Think different: Where does the so call spirit get it’s consciousness from?
Living things get consciousness from their brains. How do non conscious entities manage such and for that matter memories or recall of any kind?

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Answer by Lionel1020
Man’s imagination…The same place ALL religion comes from

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Jan 202012

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Jan 072012

Question by I love you Lawliet <3: In what episode of Merlin did he call the dragon while running away with Lancelot?
It was in season 4 and Merlin was like running away with Lancelot because they were being chased I believe and there was this really awesome scene where Merlin just yells out for the dragon with Lancelot right next to him and yeah it was just freaking awesome.

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Answer by Isabelle
It was a scene from Episode 2 “The Darkest Hour”, Part 2 in Season 4. I really loved that scene, too! I actually like any scene when Merlin speaks in dragon tongue.

Here is the scene on Youtube:

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Dec 282011

Question by Chris F: The Christians call this the end times, but i have a different view. What do you think?
I think this is the point where the old world of religion dies. I think that is what the end times refers to. We are at the beginning of the end…for religion anyway. This is the point where people question these fantastic beliefs and religions and begin to turn away from them. From here, we are more focused on our goals as a species, and not as servants of an invisible man that instructed man to write a book about him 2000 years ago. It may take a while, but in about 100 years i think the majority of us will be beyond religion and we will really start to unravel the mysteries of the universe/ multiverse.

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Answer by Jeanmarie
Voltaire also thought this way.
He lived in the 1700′s. He was staunch atheist. Later a publishing co. bought his house were they made bibles’.

He also was wrong.

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Dec 272011

Question by jimmy: Call of Duty Black Ops: 4 multiplayer maps code?
So any way my local ebgames was all out of the hardened and presage edition of black ops so I had to go with the standard edition witch mind me I am throughly happy with it but I really want the old zombie maps and want one of those codes? Where can I get one, money in no object thx

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Answer by DeathHorse52
buy a code off ebay from someone who didnt use it

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Dec 202011

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Sep 082011

Question by Biff H: Do Christians call Plato and Co. “philosophers” because they don’t like admitting to Ancient Greek monotheism?
Pythagoreas, Socrates, Plato — they all spoke a great deal about RELIGION, and it wasn’t Zeus and Hercules having adventures. It was the “mysteries,” from which Christianity likely stole most of its ideas.

Best answer:

Answer by ♥ Diamond Doll ♥
*Everyone* (not just Christians) calls them philosophers because they philosophized. Whether or not there were religious undertones they were still philosophies.

I have no problem admitting to any culture’s monotheism, polytheism, atheism, pantheism or whatever. But if someone’s a philosopher you call him or her a philosopher. What else would you call them?

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Jul 112011

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