Nov 132013

Question by Sian: Which course is more important when applying for Life Sciences: Physics or Calculus?
Hi, I’m planning my grade twelve courses now (I go to an Ontario high school) and I’m debating whether I should take SPH4U (Physics) or MCV4U (Calculus and Vectors). I want to apply to McMaster and UTM (University of Toronto, Mississauga) for the Life Sciences undergraduate program. Which do these universities look for more and which will better prepare me?

P.S. I’m in the International Baccalaureate Diploma program which doesn’t give me enough space to take both, I’m gonna be taking this in summer school as it is :D

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Answer by oklatonola
Calculus. Physics is APPLIED calculus IRL.

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Dec 102010

Question by Ropeburn: Science: Physics or Chemistry? Maths: Calculus or statistics?
Next year I have to choose between Physics or Chemistry and between Calculus or Statistics. Which one shall I choose? Oh yeah I plan to be some in med stuff like doctor.
+ can you tell me or give me a site on which I can see what Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, Stats will take me to, like a career or a good job? By the way I’m in advanced Science and Maths.
Oh by the way I don’t live in America, I live in New Zealand if that helps.
Important info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Answer by MusicMan
That’s odd for sciences. At our university I checked with, physics AND chemistry are required. Calculus is also required. So for maths, it’s calculus. For sciences: BOTH. But then if you had to pick, I think chemistry would be much more useful. I suggest you talk to the university/post secondary institution you want to attend.

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Nov 252010

Question by I hate Jay-Z: Do I need higher math or higher science like physics and calculus for Davis?
I know a girl from last year who got accepted in UC Davis. I look at her and she wasn’t even in Pre-Cal. She was in Algebra 2 and I think she was taking AP environmental science. I also realize that she was an officer of 3 clubs. She told me that she got a D in her transcript but she was still able to get accepted. Does this mean I can go to Davis just by getting involved in clubs and sports? I’m sick and tired of AP Statistics.

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Answer by UCB_Bearsworth
The answer to your question isn’t quite simple. She was probably accepted on other things besides her extracurricular alone such as her test scores, but the highest math you will need for the testing is Algebra II and trigonometry. Her extracurricular activities also improved her chances, especially since she was an officer. All in all, I would suggest doing your best in whatever course you take. You don’t have to take all higher courses, but the UC system will give you more points for taking harder courses. Funny, I’m writing a blog about this. You should check it out. Ask away there I don’t mind!

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