Dec 212012

Question by marshasaur: why is the great wall of china considered great when so many people died building it?
The Great Wall of Chine wasn’t built for the love of China or money.
In fact, slaves were forced to build it because of the fear of death
given upon them if they refused. If this is true, what makes the Great
Wall so great and honorable when millions of Chinese were tortured and
put to death to build it?

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Answer by Cecilia M
because it’s big duh

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Jan 062012

Question by hartfelt07: Who is the man who knew the secret of moving limestone like the ancient egyptians did building the pyramids.?
I’m not sure what decade he build his huge limestone garden that he dedicated to his wife, it may be the early 1900′s. He knew the secret of moving huge rock on top of one another like the Egyptians did and built bed, table, love seat and large monuments for his wife.He never revealed his secret but it was a modern marvel. Anyone know who I’m talking about?

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Answer by Hastyface
I believe you may be refering to Edward Leedskalnin who built our of coral in Florida. It was not for his wife however, but his girlfriend who decided not to marry him one day before his wedding in Latvia.
He was very secretive and hence there is wild speculation about how he did the lifting. He did this about 1923. You can google it as the Coral Castle.

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Dec 142011

A few nice religion images I found:

Boston – Park Street Historical District: American Congregational Society Building – Law and Religion

Image by wallyg

Give me that old time religion!

Image by Unhindered by Talent

Oct 092011

Question by Mick: Is anything better then WordPress for building a web presence for a small Business?
I have been told to go and open a WordPress blog account to make web mini sites (web presence) and I am wanting to know if you have better ideas or simply more ideas? Advise for WordPress would be great as well!

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Answer by Zoooma
It depends on the time and budget you have.

Despite the ease of setting up wordpress as a blogging platform, there is a fairly long learning curve to determine what is exactly right for your business, and if you are trying to run a business, it could be distracting from your core business.

These are some of the things to bear in mind:

1) Do you want a domain with your company name? e.g. ‘’

You can check for the name you want in places like:


If you go with this option, there are other blogging/Content Management Systems that are also available with wordpress such as joomla, drupal, but these are slightly more complex.

If you do not want a company blog dedicated domain space, then you can get something like ‘’, this will be free. Other free blogging platforms are typepad, blogger, and a few more so you can get ‘’ also.

2) How much information will you be putting on the blog, that will determine your webhosting plan you want if you decide to buy a domain for your company blog. Most basic plans are big enough to handle business blogs. Most places selling the domain can offer web hosting

3) Consider if you actually need another website if you already have a company website. You can just add a sub-domain to it or another section in blog format. If you want a seperate site, then you want to consider things like templates for your blog, designing it so it fits your business and easy to navigate for customers.

4) Depending on how much experience you have inhouse (which I am guessing is not too much as you are asking here?), you could consider hiring a programmer to do it all for you on places like,,… they are all basically freelancing websites to get skilled help.

5) Then the other thing is, do you really need a blog? Can your company write articles on professional sites or article sites to submit your company website link if you already have a website.

6) If you don’t have a website, you could list your business on places like,, facebook, twitter account where you regularly tweet related business links, etc.

Basically, I am asking you to check if your business needs a blog. A blog is to be regularly updated, needs traffic to bring you benefits of being online, also needs regular reviews to ensure you are getting back results.

Consider consulting a small business specialist like to ensure you choose the right service for you business so as not to burn energy where not needed. The online world and social media space is incredibly complex.

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Oct 062011

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Oct 012011

Question by sunny: id really like to know some super secret, ancient, extremely hard and strength building exercises?
so ok some people dont like telling other people there workouts i mean whats the deal we should all share our exercises and knowledge .i always tell my friends some cool new exercises that i discover on the internet.plz if u could just share id be really glad.thanks.

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Answer by Thomas St. Awesome
The super secret ancient and hard exercises are: Living life like we used to before we had tools.

Go live in the woods and have to chase down or wait for your prey. Hunt, forage, and walk 5 miles to get a pail or 2 of water. Having to survive in the wilderness would definitely get you in shape. Having to climb trees to avoid predators, wrestling a deer down the the ground as you try to kill it, carrying supplies and food back to camp, etc.

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Aug 052011

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