Oct 112012

Question by Max: Question about the “Word” in The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.?
I get that the Ancient Mysteries turns out to be The Bible but why did the Masons try to hide that so much, what is the big deal of telling everyone that the bible is the secret that they have been hiding all this time.

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Answer by I’m Drunk, sorry
May i HAVE your book after you finish it? please?

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Sep 192012

Question by benyjets23: What Zac Brown Band CD is their recorded/studio extended edition of Free (with Into The Mystic) on?
I know they’ve put out a couple live albums that have it, but I am hoping to find the recorded version.. You help would be very much appreciated.

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Answer by rocker
Pass the Jar- Zac Brown & friends From the Fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta

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Sep 122012

Question by : Lost Symbol by Dan Brown religion?
What is the religion that states everyone has God-like potential inside of them? The book has lots of information on Neuro Science and Ancient Mysteries and I would love to study that religion.

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Answer by Ddd Bbb
sacred geometry??


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Jan 122012

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Oct 172010

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Aug 052010

Richard O. Brown, Staff Neuroscientist at The Exploratorium, talks about the interaction between mind and matter and visual perception. He talks about and illustrates with fascinating visuals three concepts: 1. There is nothing out there and we perceive nothing which he feels comes closest to blackness. 2. There is something out there and we can’t perceive it, which comes closest to invisibility. 3. There is nothing out there and we’re still experiencing or perceiving something. Series: “Voices” [8/2001] [Humanities] [Science] [Show ID: 5947]
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This Professor at the University of Texas became a Muslim and made the trip to Mecca to visit the ultimate house of God. She followed the true way of life even though it displeased her family and friends.
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