Apr 022014

Question by JENNIFER: Has anyone tried the combination of a tanning bed and a mystic tan? Lock in color + the “Bronze” glow?
If so, what’s the best place to get a Mystic Tan?

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Answer by J Stang
Yes, it works great! Once you’re reached your plateau as far as using the tanning bed, the Mystic Tan is a great way to darken up a little more. I don’t know where the best place is to get a Mystic Tan though; they’re pretty much all the same at all the salons…same spray stuff, booth, etc. My tanning salon just got the Mystic Tan booth this year, and it’s awesome. It only takes a couple minutes in the booth. There is also barrier cream in the Mystic Tan room…you want to apply it to places that you don’t want tan, such as your fingernails/toenails, etc.

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May 162011

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Nov 142010

Question by risabo: How do I get Merlin bronze wizard card in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets pc game?
It is the only card left (bronze) and I found out this: “Merlin
Hit the scarecrow at the Burrow with a gnome.” but if this is right than please tell me where is the scarecrow and what burrow? Is it with the spider?

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Answer by beatleslover42
The Burrow is the Weasley’s home, and the scarecrow you need to hit there is in the garden.

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