Jan 242012

Question by ♦!Jennie!♦: How do you celebrate Breast Cancer awareness month?
I usually try to help raise money for breast cancer and i buy some Pink awareness things. Because breast cancer runs in my family.

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Answer by Cazz ;)
i will probably donate by buying something from boots, but i already have some cool new clothes from asda that are for breast cancer awareness too

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Jan 232012

Question by ☆Proud Mom☆: What ideas for breast cancer awareness month do you have?
I am in charge of this project at work. We are raising money for breast cancer awareness month for October. I have a banner coming and some stuff to sell for the cause, but I need unique ideas for the table or display. I was thinking using a pink table clothe and maybe make some pink ribbons out of construction paper to hang up. What are more ideas?? Thanks so much.

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Answer by Dave
You could have detailed instructions on how to do a check-up. You could show actual pictures of breast cancer and how it appears (there are color photographs of it taken from a Micron Microscope on line)

You could have a diagram of the stages of breast cancer (different stages)

You could explain the various treatments that breast cancer patients go through. An explainition of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

With that the effects of the treatments themselves.

You can explain that even though ten people are diagnosed wtih breast cancer it would be different for each of those ten. Breast cancer is an individualized disease.

You could list the popular people that have been diagosed with the disease and are doing well now. Christine Applegate and Fran Drescher just two examples.

You can explain that it is rare for somebody under thirty five to have breast cancer, and that it is even rarer (but does happen for men to get it)

A lot of these ideas are on line so you could download it and paste to a board.

I have read a ton of books about breast cancer since my wife was diagnosed with the disease and would use some quotes from some books like the Chicken Soup Series.

With the focus of the President on a National Health Care Plan, I would estimate how much treatment costs the average person diagnosed with the disease.

For example:

We spent about ,000 of our own money fighting the disease. That is some of the deductables and what was NOT covered by our insurance. I estimate going with our records that it cost roughly 0,000 to fight the disease including all the tests and visits including a mastectomy and 27 weeks of chemotherapy and 6.5 weeks of radiation treatments.

Some people that had a cancer diagosis but lost their jobs since their treatment need to go and get an MRI done to make sure it had not returned. But it costs about ,000+ dollars so many are going without and risking cancer returning.

Good luck, I am counting on you to do a great job and you may be saving a life.


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Dec 222011

Question by Kroo: How would I start a scrapbooking fundraising event for Breast Cancer Awareness?
Love to scrapbook. Want to raise money for breast cancer awareness. What steps do I need to take to organize this event and donate the money raised? Thanks

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Answer by Soonlee
I wonder if your local scrapbooking store would let you host an event there and donate the sales of all things “Pink” to Susan G. Komen. It would be a tax deduction for their business and also, chances are that people will buy more than just pink items. Even people who do not normally scrapbook would participate because they believe in the cause. We have a local store that has a room and will let you sit at a table and use their cutting machines as long as you have purchased more than ten dollars worth of stuff. You could probably find a local deli to donate a sandwich tray or two and make it a whole day.

Another thought;
Those of us who scrap have all kinds of extras. I bought a pack of 30 when all I needed was two. You could host an event where people bring their scrap booking extras and trade and share. You’ll have to make sure you have plenty of table space for people to work and several stations for crickets and other implements. Have participants pay an entry fee of ten dollars and some kind of prepackaged food item. (This way people aren’t so worried about cleanliness of others kitchens) like bags of chips and cookie trays and pizzas. This is something you could do once a month.
Good luck

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