Feb 152014

Question by Mister: Am I just the body or the mind?
Am I the body? Am I the mind? Who am I?
AND WHY? Please explain your answers.
To Joseph Rose Carpender. So I am not the body or the mind since those things are a manifestation of the Universe?

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Answer by BCwoman
You are both and more. You are also a spiritual body you have a psychological body you have an energetic body you have mental and emotional body. This is what holistic means it’s everything. This is a ridiculously simple answer but it is so very complex. You are more than a mind and you are more than a body.

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Jan 022014

Question by FreeSpirit: Healing by speaking with the body consciousness?
Did you ever consider to communicate with your body consciousness, speaking with it, telling it should not be afraid of illness, trying to convince it that the ailment is only a suggestion, a mental conviction in which it should not believe? Do you think this could be an approach that might work?

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Answer by sabrefield
You have asked a difficult question. Do not try to convince yourself that there is nothing wrong with you as this will only lead to the condition getting worse and possibly untreatable – accept that you may be ill and get on with seeking a cure. You can communicate with your body by asking it to tell you what is wrong by checking the efficiency of various organs and systems by dowsing – this does not effect a cure but helps to identify areas of disease. Yes there are healers who can communicate with your body in the case of certain illnesses which are amenable to this type of treatment, but the ability to heal and prevent illness is not given to everybody and it takes much training and practice to do it.

You are unlikely to be able to do this for yourself, though a steady positive mental attitude is helpful for maintaining good health. Serious illnesses such as diabetes, AIDS, and most cancers do not yield readily to healing, though it is impossible to generalize.

You can also reinforce medical treatment by a positive attitude towards the medication, convincing yourself that it will work.

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Jan 012014
Physics and Consciousness
by Cea.

Question by Sue: All day today, while I walked my steps resonated all over my body. Is that normal?
I woke up this morning and I put my feet on the ground and it sort of just resonated all through my body and it makes me sort of light headed and it’s happened all day but I haven’t passed out or anything, it happens to me rarely though, like a sort of one in a million. Like for example today Venus is right next to the moon and the last time it happened was during the last lunar eclipse. My grandmother told me she felt the same thing as well. Are we the only people who felt it or are there others? Is this normal?

Thank you for your responses.

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Answer by Joe Harris
NO! This is portentous!

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Dec 292013

Question by FreeSpirit: Healing by speaking with the body consciousness?
Did you ever consider to communicate with your body consciousness, speaking with it, telling it should not be afraid of illness, trying to convince it that the ailment is only a suggestion, a mental conviction in which it should not believe? Do you think this could be an approach that might work?

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Answer by daddyrx
You unlock this door with the key of imagination.
Beyond it is another dimension- a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind.
You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas.
You’ve just crossed over into . . . the Twilight Zone.

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Jul 182013

Question by Eric: Have any body seen the show Ancient Aliens?
Who believe what they say is real? It seems to me they did there research and have the answers to a lot of things that seem to be mysteries. But who believe them?
Just was curious.

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Answer by Richard B
interesting show
some interesting observations

the CONCLUSIONS are mostly nonsense or a real stretch of the imagination

the Q is why do you thing our very intelligent ancestors did NOT do the same things

example a recent find showed the greeks had geared, clockwork calculating machines
Romans had very sophisticated engineering

WE ARE on the verge of finding evidence of life on other planets if it exists

AA is entertainment , like “ghost hunters”

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Jun 072013

Question by ¢σяя вℓιмєу: Could we all be just ONE Consciousness that we share through a body computer?
Please take the time to read this as I’ve tried to explain the theory in a easy to understand way. I’ve done my best to explain it for you but it’s an incredibly complex thing to put into words.

I believe that our consciousness/awareness is external to the human body and our brain is a conduit or connector to this one consciousness which is all energy. I think the brain acts as a storage device and together our body and brain translates a physical reality out of the consciousness/energy/information through our 5 senses.

The brain stores all information that effected one or more of our senses. It records these events and effectively gives us a physical memory which is interpret as emotional memory via a simple binary process of good event or bad event. This memory/recorded information results in an individual identity for the body computer making us all think that we are separate because we can experience the awareness of consciousness while accessing our body memory.

Its a simple illusion of perception where our recorded body information creates an individual with personal body data and when we activate the self-awareness of consciousness, it makes us believe we totally separate self-aware conscious entities of our own right.

However, the truth is, as far as I see it, consciousness/awareness is energy which means it’s everywhere at all times. This means, each body can activate their own self-awareness at any time but in reality it’s all the same awareness.

The only part of this theory I’ve still got to try to understand is why our awareness/consciousness appears to be limited when activated in each body. This reinforces the illusion of separation and individual identity. Maybe the self-awareness of consciousness is a focus point when activated in any one body computer.

So, to sum up. Your self-awareness/consciousness is the exact same as mine. There is only ONE consciousness and all of humanity share it. This effectively means we are all the same self-aware being, we are all GOD and we are all-knowing, eternal and we all exist as a self-aware energy source OUTSIDE of this body computer.

It make me wonder, why have we created these body computers. I think it may be to experience a physical reality. Also, what better way for an all-knowing entity to exist than to have billions of experiences at the same time inside a holographic physical reality
If this is true, it means there is only one conscious energy that every brain is picking up and recording.

I believe this one consciousness/awareness is all energy as

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Answer by Don H
So you are just now figuring this out?

I thought that everyone knew this.

To me Your brain is an amazing organ it controls our muscles, respiration, pulmonary function and a host of other lesser known functions, but it does not think.

Thought is a function of consciousness/mind that exists independent of anything physical. What appears to be the brain thinking in brain function imaging and other brain measuring attempts is only blood flow being measured to the part of the brain that acts as an interface between the mind and the body. This is the secondary function of the brain after regulating bodily functions. It acts as the interface, or the mind body connection.

Without it there would be no way for the nonphysical mind to exert any control over the physical body.
It is interesting that science has done its best to overlook this fact for so long. The silly idea that thought is some magical function of some mysterious electrochemical reaction is so vague as to be hilarious. There are several ways to disprove this theory beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Being nonphysical in source your mind/consciousness is in no way effected by the death of the body and loss of the mind body interface, or brain.

Love and blessings.

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Dec 072012

Question by Espresso Kid: How do you measure a soul, in a way so that it´s existance can be verified, like you can do with a body.?
By measurements I mean such as weight, height, consistency, etc.

(Don´t give me the “change in the weight of the brain by death”. It´s been proven that it has nothing to do with the soul)

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Answer by thisisme
You don’t. You have one whether you choose to believe or not, makes no difference, it is what it is and there is no measuring of it.

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Jun 202012

Question by kylierk995: What episode in Fullmetal Alchemist the Brotherhood does Alphonse get his body back?
I’m not worried about spoilers. I’ve already seen the entire anime but that was a while ago and I don’t remember. Thanks.

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Answer by Serena
This question is on here already its just worded different. Try looking the same question up on Google. The answers will be there. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

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May 172012

Question by William S: Science/physics question involving energy use/output of the human body?
I do not need complicated math problems as this is just out of curiosity, however I would like a simplistic answer since I am a layman.

The Question:
How effiecient is the energy used by the body to throw things (say a baseball or something) different distances?

What I mean is, if you exert 100 energymotrons (joules I’m sure are the correct unit but energymotrons are being used for this experiment to dumb it down.) and get a distance of 1000 distancemotrons, will expending 200 energymotrons yield a distance of 2000 distancemotrons?


Does the energy required to double the distance of 1000 distancemotrons multiply exponentially? Say three or four times the initial 100 energymotrons to equal double the initial 1000 distancemotrons?

Basically, it is A. or B.

100 energymotrons = 1000 distancemotrons
200 energymotrons = 2000 distancemotrons

100 energymotrons = 1000 distancemotrons
400 energymotrons = 2000 distancemotrons

remember exact ratios not needed

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Answer by gcnp58
I didn’t do the math, but my educated guess is it is nonlinear, B, because the aerodynamic drag on an object increases with the square of the velocity. That means for a given initial angle upwards, to go farther the initial velocity must be faster, but that means it takes 4 times as much energy to make the object go twice as fast. In other words, if you throw both balls at a 45 degree angle up from the horizon, the one going 2000 dm needs to be traveling at least twice as fast.

What I haven’t done is bother to look up the ballistic formulas to compute distance traveled for a given initial angle and velocity, so my estimate of “twice as fast” above might be wrong.

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