Jan 042013

Question by Caleb: What college courses best benefit me for becoming a Naval Aviator?
This question has been asked several times and I have looked all over and the answers that are repeated over and over are very general. Such as you need to major in a hard science like math, physics, etc. Or they say, well they mostly want someone with a degree in technology. Etc.
Can anyone give me a better, more in depth answer than these ones.
If you look anywhere on the internet about becoming a pilot it says “you need a bachelors”
What subject would best benefit me to get a degree in?

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Answer by Bekey
Your D*** will be like I if you are allowed to clean-sub-clean Air Force One.

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Mar 262011

Question by Rob: What is the benefit of cultural diversity? Why has western civilization shifted to multiculturalism recently?
Im not making a judgement. I just fail to see the truth in the “strength in diversity” mantra. Perhaps one of you will help me see…
Tititata, I respect your religious belief (I am actually a christian but its slightly off-topic. Knowing the type online I am sure you will catch it for posting that.

Those are some good thoughts bizsmithy, and if no one posts better the 10 pts are yours.

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Answer by Tititita
I believe, that the benefit of cultural diversity is because people are always looking for something new. They want a change, and are trying to fulfill their emptiness that they feel in their heart. They do not know that only Jesus Christ is the only one called to fulfill that emptiness in our heart.

One way that drive them to this change is by trying and going through differents religions and belief. That is one of the reason that they want to know and to shift to a different multicurtural civilization. They are looking for the unknown God, without knowing that their truly God is very close to them, the Lord Jesus Christ. It is not that they want a change. It is because they want and are trying to fulfill their emptiness in their heart. The way to do it is by trying some king of religion because they want to be happy. God give us happiness only through Jesus Christ. He is the only one that can fulfill our heart and then happiness will come to men. I do not know if this will answer your question. God bless you.

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Oct 042010

Question by linz509: What mental health services could you benefit from?
Hi, I’m conducting an informal survey for mental health services, my question is, if you were to receive counseling or assistance from a mental health services provider, what would you want? For example if you are depressed, what kind of attention/care would you hope to get? I appreciate your time. Thanks!

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Answer by petrof_skinsky
I am already on medication for both BiPolar and anxiety, so I suppose that talk therapy about the causes of my episodes would be helpful, too.

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