Nov 232011

Question by liam: How long does it take to get a black belt in a marial art?
also have u ever used a martial art in real life/ is it effective?

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Answer by Night
Not very long for certain people for me like 2 or 3 years if you keep at it and work hard I’m sure everyone can do better! =D
If you want a black belt i hope you get one asap and good luck!!!

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Oct 312011

Question by bill: What do you think of somebody who stops training in a martial art as soon as they reach black belt?
A friend of mine passed his black belt grading in tkd a few weeks ago and doesn’t train anymore now, said hes joining up a new martial arts style because his goal was just to get to black belt in tkd
but black belt is not the end of training surely ?

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Answer by Jace Gordon
You’re right. Black belt is -not- the end. Not nearly. Indeed, training can and usually lasts an entire lifetime. Especially the mental aspects of a martial art.

Now, it is indeed beneficial to one’s mind and body to train in multiple martial arts, but if he had a goal just to get a black belt just for the black belt’s sake, he certainly doesn’t have the mental aspect down by far.

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Sep 222011

Question by anto: If somebody gets a black belt in a martial art but does not train for many years – are they still black belt?
For example if somebody has a black belt in a martial art but has not trained in about 10 years since getting the belt , when they return to the club should they still be recognised as black belt ? or start again at white belt ?
even if they have certificate on the wall showing their black belt test ranking ?

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Answer by Les
Technically yes. If I were them, though, I wouldn’t reasonably expect to compete…….

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Apr 082011

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