Aug 242012

Question by Simon Peter: Difference between “white” magic and “black” magic? Please comment on quote below?
The question was posted recently and I couldn’t find it later to respond. For anyone who responded that there’s a difference, that “black” magic is Satanic, while white magic is not, what you would say to the following?

Direct quote from Anton Lavey (founder of the church of Satan) in “The Satanic Bible”:

“There is no difference between “white” and “black” magic, except in the smug hypocrisy, guilt-ridden righteousness and self-deceit of the “white” magician himself.”

Lavey reiterates this many times, having researched the roots of all these things. He’s also made statements regarding neither being from God, so these powers can only come from one other source. Christians agree.

Also, in tracing the roots of these and all related religions/magic/religious philosophies (including New Age) to their genesis, we find they all sprung from ancient mystery religions, esp. Egyptian & Babylonian.

According to Apostle Paul in 2 Cor. 11: 3, 4, all such are deception from Satan.

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Answer by problem
I think there is a difference between white magic and black. A big one. white magic has nothing to do with Satan.

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Jan 182012

Question by chowchillaisforlosers l: Atheists have you seriously ever studied the the things below?

The facts are so simple but, most people think it’s so complicated, and it has to be explained in big word with big thought. Hard science is extremely important but we shouldn’t need that. With everything from consciousness, love, perception, self initiative minds to complex thoery, planetary positioning/organization, quantum physics, dualism and time studies it seems that the answer is clear when calculating probability of a god of some sort controlling things. One main point of mine is none living matter dosen’t organize complex systems to form a human being and consciousness with randomness and no intension. My ending point is that us as living beings were formed with intension. Things in life are magical if you examine them.

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Answer by JD
Your personal belief not backed up by facts….

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Mar 262011

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Jan 072011

Question by Jo: How does hypnotherapy work? Does it really cure depression? Need more information. Read below.?
I have depression and I don’t know how to handle my emotions very well. Pressure and difficult situations make me really agitated and I dont know how to handle them..Anti-depressants don’t really work for me and lately my emotions have been getting more out of control. I can barely wake up in the morning feeling so bad.

I read somewhere that hypnotherapy works with results to treat depression. Is it true? How does it work? How many session do you have to go for?

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Answer by Brian C
I haven’t tried hypnotherapy for depression but I heard an advertisement that said it takes about 3 sessions. I have used hypnosis to quit smoking though, and if it’s anything like that they have you relax in a chair, put on headphones and use your imagination to rid your mind of negative tendencies. It’s worth a try, I’ll say.

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Dec 032010

Question by LeBlanc: What’s the evidence that the quote below is the “antislavery clause” in the rough draft of the Dclar of Indpd?
He has incited treasonable insurrections of our fellow citizens, with the allurements of forfeiture and confiscation of our property.

He has waged cruel war against human nature itself, violating its most sacred rights of life and liberty in the persons of a distant people who never offended him, captivating and carrying them into slavery in another hemisphere, or to incur miserable death in their transportation thither. This piratical warfare, the opprobrium of INFIDEL powers, is the warfare of the CHRISTIAN king of Great Britain. Determined to keep open a market where MEN should be bought and sold, he has prostituted his negative for suppressing every legislative attempt to prohibit or to restrain this execrable commerce. And that this assemblage of horrors might want no fact of distinguished die, he is now exciting those very people to rise in arms among us, and to purchase that liberty of which he has deprived them, by murdering the people for whom he also obtruded them: thus paying off former crimes committed against the LIBERTIES of one people, with crimes which he urges them to commit against the LIVES of another.

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Answer by ddac2k1

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Oct 202010

Question by NR: Could someone help me find this Mystery City (clues below)?
Here are the clues:

1) I was built on 101 Islands, but some say 42 Islands
2) Basically a swamp
3) I changed my name four times
4) I am on a sea.
5) I am a young city in comparison to many cities in the world.
6) Little over 300 years old
7) Many men/women have ruled me
8) Many struggles in my short history.

Thanks for helping

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Answer by Alvarado Middle School

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