Dec 222013

Question by Kyneestgjxdbfdd: Wiccans, what exactly is your religion, what are your beliefs?
Im just curious.

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Answer by Elliot
There are various different denominations within Wicca, which are referred to as traditions. Some, such as Gardnerian and Alexandrian Wicca, follow in the initiatory lineage of Gardner; these are often collectively termed British Traditional Wicca, and many of their practitioners consider the term Wicca to apply only to these lineaged traditions. Others, such as Cochrane’s Craft, Feri and the Dianic tradition, take primary influence from other figures and may not insist on any initiatory lineage. Some of these do not use the word “Wicca” at all, instead preferring to be referred to only as “Witchcraft,” while others believe that all traditions can be considered “Wiccan.”

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Dec 212013

Question by Devil’s Advocate: Why do we need to tell others about Jesus? Can we not let them be happy with their own beliefs & religions?

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Answer by God Will Mind-F**k-Cripple You

“Because we’re not happy until you’re not happy.”

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Dec 162013

Question by robbie: What are the some practices and beliefs dealing with Hellenic Paganism?
Im new to the fact that some people still exclusively follow the Hellenistic pantheons and Im quite curious about it because I know soooooo much more about the Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses but nothing about the modern practice. So if you have any experiences sources or beliefs you don’t mind sharing thanks very much!
( =

(Also if this question offended or came off as a negative sort of thing I apologize)

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Answer by Linda_Doxiegal
Sorry – I know of them but am not a “practicing anything” … :)

Here’s one of the better sites with many links….

The Stele is the homepage for Greco-Roman polytheists

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Sep 032012

Question by : Why God must made me so unique (Interests, Passion, Beliefs & Music) that I am hated and despised by everyone?
For the past 23 years of my life on Earth, I have never been a happy person. I hate my life, I am a Social Outcast and a Loner. I am very sure that I will die alone and rot in my house and nobody will know that I have already been dead for 3 weeks until my neighbour smell my rotting corpse from my house.

Not only am I hated in schools, as I grew older, I am also hated in the workplace, churches and public places. Wherever I go, I am hated and despised by everyone. When people see me, they will either avoid me or stay away from me as far away as possible.

I really hate this world! Nobody except my Grandma is good to me. Everyone is “Bastards.” I hate all of these people and my colleagues for what they have done to me! I never forgive and I never forget for what they have done and said to me!

I also have problems communicating with people because I just could not click with them. I just do not belong to the 21st century. The reason is because of my Unique Interests, Passion, Beliefs & Music:

Interests and Passion:

”History of Singapore – ” Colonial Singapore (1819 – 1942), The Battle for Singapore, The Japanese Occupation, The Sook Ching Massacre and History of the Places & Roads in Singapore.”

British Military in Singapore – Underground bunkers, Gun Batteries, Artillery guns, Forts, Machine Gun posts, Pillboxes and Secret Tunnels build by the British Military

History of England – ”The Middle Ages, Tudor England, Stuart England, The English Civil War, The American Revolutionary War, Home front in Britain during WWII & Children of WWII.”

History of America – ”Life in Colonial America, The 13 Colonies, The American Revolutionary War and The American Civil War.”

WWII – ”WWII in Europe, Battle of Britain, D-Day Invasion, The Holocaust, Pearl Harbour Attack, WWII in the Pacific, American troops in the Pacific and Europe.”


Mysteries: Bermuda Triangle, Stonehenge, Easter Island, The Mayans, Mysterious places of the World, Strange Monuments of the World

Strange Pyramids of the World, Lost Civilizations, Cities of the Underworld, Underwater Cities, Unexplained & Unsolved mysteries and Phenomenon,

Portal (gateway) to other Dimensions (another world)

Ancient Mysteries: Standing Stones & Spheres in Orkney Islands, Scandinavia,
Carnac (Brittany; France), Mystery Hill in the north of Boston, Stone globes in Diquis Delta of Costa Rica, Stonehenge & Avebury, Sacsayhuaman and Easter Island.

Lost Lands and Secrets: Lyonesse (off the Scilly isles), Atland (off the Netherlands), Atlantis, Thera (volcanic island near Crete), Lemuria, Shangri-La, Centre of the Earth, Crop Circles and Time travel.

Lost Civilizations: Atlantis, Crete, Lemuria, the Minoans, the Aztecs, Incas and the Mayans

Disappearances: Bermuda Triangle, Mary Celeste, the mystery of Devil’s Bridge, Missing at Sea, Land and Air.

Lake Monsters: Loch Ness Monster, Sea Serpents and Lake Monsters, Mokele, Mbembe, Mysteries of Water Monsters,

UFOs & Aliens

Extra Sensory Perception: 6th Sense (also called ESP), Déjà vu, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Premonitions, Dreams, Precognition, Recognition, Telekinesis, Ability to see Ghosts,

Near-death experiences, Out-of-Body experiences, Psychics, Fortune Telling and Crystals.

Paranormal: The Supernatural, The Afterlife, Ghosts, Hauntings – “Haunted Houses, Castles, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Places, Hospitals, Battlefields, Highway and Roads ”
Spirituality: Fairies, Pixies, Elves, Dragons, Unicorns


Colonial America Folk Songs, American Revolution Songs, Folk Music of England, Middle Ages Music, Renaissance Music, Baroque Music, An Irish Party in Third Class (Irish Folk Song),

Danny Boy, Celtic Music, 1930s – 1940s songs, Hooked on Swing Dancing, Elvis Presley, Operas and Charlotte Church.

Because my Interests, Passion, Beliefs & Music are so different from other people, people find that I am a freak and an abnormal person.

I really want to know why God must made me in such a way that the Society cannot accept me? Why must God made life so miserable and difficult for me? My mother should not have even bring me into this world. So, is this my mother’s fault or God’s fault?

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Answer by Jesse
This looks like a sad dating profile. If god does exist, it is obviously his fault. He probably doesn’t, so most likely not his fault. You can still enjoy the things you enjoy and have friends, but you do need to meet people half way. Also, hate is a wasted emotion. Good luck to you.

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Jan 082012

Question by Tate: What were the beliefs of the enlightenment philosophes?
i have to do a project where i portray the thoughts beliefs of the enlightenment philosophes in a contemporary manner. i have been given no criteria besides that for the project. Any suggestions?

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Answer by The King
There are 5 important Philosophes and more different Beliefs….
Rousseau wanted the Power’s Division(Legislative,Executive,judicial)
Voltaire Hoped for the enlightenment Despotism…And in Fact He succeed,with the Friendship with King Frederick II of Prussia or Catherine II of Russia..
Montesquie..On The Contrary he Though that to Have a Good Nation,is Necessary The ‘Popular Sovereignty’..with the strong leadership of the People
There Are even Diderot and D’alembert that Wrote a Monumental Work called ‘Enciclopedie’ that Contain a Great Mass of Universal’s Knowledge

(Sorry for My Bad English)


The King

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Jan 062012

Question by Seeker: If a person doesn’t want to discuss his beliefs or have them challenged, is it okay to do so anyway?
Here, in the religion section of Answers, we expect to have our ideas challenged. But in the world at large, people often don’t like to defend or explain their beliefs; perhaps because they’re not good at debate or because their faith is based more on visceral rather than logical reasons and is therefor hard to defend with logic. In other word, sometimes one’s faith is personal or private in nature.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an agnostic and believe agnosticism is the only truly logical choice; given the more-than-meets-the-eye strangeness of reality revealed by quantum physics. A world defined by quantum probabilities that collapse to a single state UPON OBSERVATION. Human consciousness affects reality at the quantum level. With this element of the mystical revealed by quantum physics, the possibility of a cosmic God (not one of religion) seems more viable.

Many people seem to think that it’s okay to challenge the beliefs of those who don’t want to be challenged. Do you? And why?
Movedby . . .

A cosmic God may simply be an intelligence woven into physical reality. A life-force, if you will. The role of consciousness in quantum physics implies this mystical element.

A religious God is one defined by a religion; such as Christianity, Judaism or Islam. These religions impute and attribute moral and spiritual qualities and demands of or from God. Most importantly, these religions claim exclusive authority between God and humanity. I have problems with this.

Perhaps the best way to explain the problems with the God of religions is to use 2 of Albert Einstein’s quotes:

“My religiosity consists in a humble admiration of the infinitely superior spirit that reveals itself in the little that we, with our weak and transitory understanding, can comprehend of reality. Morality is of the highest importance – but for us, not for God.”

“Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust – we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.”
Occam’s Pig.

Your comment about agnostics and atheists is just plain wrong.

The agnostic position is that there is insufficient direct evidence for OR against God, so making a choice, EITHER way is abandoning logic in favor of faith.

The atheist position is that the existence of God is a non-question. He simply does NOT exist. Period. They feel it is no more illogical to deny God than the tooth fairy. There is no evidence to suggest a tooth fairy . . . and God, to them, is the same.

I’d be atheist — if it weren’t for some of the things science points out. Things like:

1.) Like the interplay of consciousness and physical reality at the quantum level.

2.) The mathematical odds against biogenesis (life springing from inanimate organic matter).

Given the scale of time and space manifest in the universe, I can concede that the odds for biogenesis, though great, are not impossible. However, the intrusion of consciousness into quantum physics is mystical indeed!!

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Answer by vinslave
Anyone can challenge my beliefs any day, and they’ll either get the logic of what I believe or they won’t… no skin off of my nose.


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Dec 202011

Religions Of The World: The Illustrated Guide To Origins, Beliefs, Traditions & Festivals


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Nov 052011

Question by Irish Red: How do those who are religious reconcile the use of astrology with their religious beliefs?
This isn’t a criticism or condemnation of people who do this, or of religion or of astrology. Just wondering.

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Answer by aspicco
I am free of any religious beliefs that prevent me from being an astrologer.

And when Jesus Christ was asked by his disciples how to recognize any new prophets who come along, He told them “By their acts you shall know them…” I would guess you could use that statement to justify trusting an astrologer whose acts seemed ok…

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Oct 132011

Question by Biff H: Do Christians and Muslims attack anyone who questions their beliefs so viciously because they are so insecure?
Insecure about randomly selecting a mythological tradition from many ancient, ignorant cultures and pretending it’s true while maintaining that all the others are myths? Insecure about how few answers to the mystery and majesty of life are actually discussed in their scriptures?

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Answer by Phil
very yes.

Very no”
how clever. you’re cute.

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Oct 122011

Question by Biff H: Do Christians and Muslims attack anyone who questions their beliefs so viciously because they are so insecure?
Insecure about randomly selecting a mythological tradition from many ancient, ignorant cultures and pretending it’s true while maintaining that all the others are myths? Insecure about how few answers to the mystery and majesty of life are actually discussed in their scriptures?

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Answer by arewethereyet
They probably do it for the same reason that when you believe yourself to be attacked you turn to insults and innuendo.

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