Nov 162013

Question by : The ancient alchemists dreamed of being able to turn lead into gold.?
The ancient alchemists dreamed of being able to turn lead into gold. By using lead-206 as the target
atom of a powerful accelerator, we can attain that dream in principle. Find a one-step process that
will convert 206
82Pb into a nuclide of gold-79. You may use alpha particles, beta particles, positrons,
or protons. Write the nuclear equation to turn lead into gold.

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Answer by Cid H
can i turn skeet into platinum so i can build a robot dog?

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Sep 082013

Question by Danny O: How To Prevent Your Monster Being Bottomless Trap Holed?
Would Book of Moon Work? , Compulsary Evacuation Device?
What If I’d Set My Mystic Space Typhoons in the Spell/Trap Zones Then Activated It?

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Answer by clueless player
book of moon works but its limited so then forbidden lance would be better :L and yes compulsay evacuation device works to.

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Aug 022013

Question by Ge1st: What are the steps of being a doctor and be accepted easily?

So in grade 11 I’m taking 3 sciences; bio, chem, and physics?

Should I volunteer at a hospital? How can I do that?

Someone please throw me a bone.

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Answer by wolvesnthemist
I’ve read about it, it’s too much to explain here, but here’s the article I read:

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Mar 182013

Question by We Love MinPins: How can I find out if Im not being scammmed and this advertising company is Legitimate?
So heres the story, I am buying a timeshare ( Mystic Dunes) in Orlando, and Well Ive kinda been thinking of selling it. So out the blue an advertising company ( Land Ahoy Properties, LLC)calls me claiming they can sell it for me and stuff and all I have to pay is an upfront advertising fee. So I agreed ( what a dumbass I know) and the fee is pending on my account. Im supposed to recieve a letter to sign but I dont think I am. Is there a way I can know if they are legit, meaning not scam arists??? This is there website

what should I do?

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Answer by Nancy
Check with the Better Business Bureau and the Secretary of State (state not national).

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Feb 162013

Question by bigdog: Name of a book about the United States being buried under spam mail and archeologist dug it up.?
In the book the archeologists think that everything we have is for religious purposes. ie the TV was a place to give offering to our gods and the toilet was a place that we worshiped. This book poked fun at archeologist for the way they interpret ancient civilizations today. Does anybody know the name of this book I want to use it as a reference in one of my college classes.

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Answer by princessin_bluejeans
I remember that one….

sorry I can’t remember the title either. Let me know if you find out

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Sep 272012

Question by haringmarumo: when a girl tells you she loves being single do you think she is a lesbian?
what do you say, like if you just reached that point or topic in your casual conversation and a 20 year old woman tells you she would rather tour the world and have an adventure of a lifetime and that if she was ever going to be your lover then she doesnt like to get married and would not like to move in with you because she wants mystery and the fun of it, like can you stick with that kind of situation if you loved a woman?
does she become more interesting as she continuosly insists that she likes to be single.

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Answer by Matt
I think ‘hobag’.

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Sep 082012

Question by Hidden Hand: What about the theory about churches being built on lay lines?
Isn’t it a bit odd how so many of the esoteric elements of christianity represent the rites of paganism and the ancient mysteries? Take the Grail, the cup of Christ. Brown has people thinking that it is a bloodline, this may be true in part because there is certainly a mystery between the Merovogians and the Carolingian but I doubt it is all there is. The grail chalice is a more practical symbol for the cauldron as a feminine symbol of divinity. Thus it represents the womb and rebirth, possibly christs’ offspring but more likely karma or resurrection or some other deep layer of meaning that is difficult to penetrate. Could also just be a symbol of female fertility as sex played an important part in the ancient initiation mysteries.

My personal favourite interpretation of the grail is as a symbol for the Amantia Muscaria mushroom, which goes through three phases apparently. One where it is shaped like an archetypal mushroom before it levels out like a letter ‘T’ before the top becomes concave and it resembles the grail chalice. Some more meanings or parallels for the grail are the Orion constellation and the skull and bones insignia which itself is a reference to Hermes Trimegustus’ comment “As above so below”. That is enough from me as I’m probably giving you a head ache.

Things get hidden in the church all the time, I just wonder if the truth behind the symbols is retained or if that itself has been forgotten by those charged with protecting or concealing that knowledge.

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Answer by easy way is always mined
well, i remember reading a text on the bad lines and dragon veins etc, also including reportedly infamous combination of stones, that instead of absorbing “negative” energies was multiplying them. however plain googling the name of that stone combination was void…

as such, i do NOT credit people dealing with this sort of things.

.. even if i on my own can hear silent deep frequency sounds resonating through my house in the nights. (think of hearing a distant dozer – which in all sincerity, is a natural explanation, together with the arcs in the construction of my house)

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Jul 052012

Question by : Is there a bridge being built between atheism and new form of theism?
Sir Roger Penrose (mathematical physicist and Emeritus Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford and Emeritus Fellow of Wadham College.,1988 Wolf Prize for physics) and Stuart Hameroff (anesthesiologist and professor at the University of Arizona known for his scientific studies of consciousness, and his theories of the mechanisms of consciousness) have been working together on a theory in which they claim consciousness is the result of quantum gravity effects in microtubules.

Penrose is a self-proclaimed “atheist”, while Hameroff believes that there is a proto-consciousness that pervades the universe and that our consciousness emerges from this.
please pardon the use of “new”

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Answer by Sarah
There really isn’t a ‘new form’ of theism — the ‘proto-consciousness’ idea has been around for a while.

And I’m not sure that this is a “bridge”, but rather an individual shared scientific journey. Atheists and theists are not always at odds, not even when it involves much heavier religions like Christianity (and in fact, a great number of scientists ARE Christian, since many forms of the religion actually allow of scientific thought).

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Feb 272012

Question by Christopher S: Consciousness is the ground of all being. What would you do first?
Instead of matter being the ground of all being, it is consciousness. And rather than each individual possessing a consciousness, there is one unitary consciousness. Your classical mode of brain is not conditioned falsly in that you do not recognize the world as matter and can choose from a vast potentia of possible realities.
Your quantum mode of brain is going to collapse a possiblity and thus create a reality of whatever you choose.

What do you see there? Or what is happening?

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Answer by LORD Z

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Jan 272012

Question by icy: What books discuss appreciation religions and being in touch with one’s spirituality?
Any book about appreciation for God, philosophies, spirituality, being in touch with your soul, anything of that nature. I’d like to be more spiritual and in touch with my soul and God without being part of a religion necessarily.


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Answer by Paulus Apostollos
I would seriously recommend The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis.

You will come to know God deeply. You may find yourself wanting to become part of a church, but if you don’t, you can follow on your own.

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