Nov 212011

Awakenings [Blu-ray]

By opening one man’s eyes to the world… he opened his own. Robert De Niro (in an Oscar-nominated performance) and Robin Williams star in this powerful, true story of a maverick doctor and the patients whose lives he changes. Williams plays Dr. Malcolm Sayer, a shy research physician who uses an experimental drug to “awaken” the catatonic victims of a rare disease. De Niro co-stars as Leonard, the first patient to receive the controversial treatment. His awakening, filled with awe and enthusias

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Aug 022011

This is song 4 of the free songs available to download over at: I created these “songs” in search of seeking my own personal skills into meditation and I found that creating my own sounds led me very deep into my meditation. These songs are the result of that quest. This is the first music and sound attempt for the Cosmic Gnostic and the Astral Travelers project. These sounds have been created in a different manner focusing on tones and sounds that connect with our brain waves. When activated these brainwave patterns allow us to enter into deep meditative states that takes you further into your meditation practice that alone.
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Mar 272011

Awakenings [VHS]

Based on the acclaimed book by neurologist Oliver Sacks, director Penny Marshall’s hit 1990 drama stars Robin Williams as Dr. Malcolm Sayer. Sayer is a neurologist who discovers that the drug L-Dopa can be used to “unlock” patients in a mental hospital from the mysterious sleeping sickness that has left them utterly immobilized. Leonard (Robert De Niro) is one such patient who awakens after being in a comatose state for 30 years, leaving Sayer to guide Leonard in adjusting to the world around h

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Sep 202010


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“One of the most beautifully composed and moving works of our time.” –The Washington Post

“Compulsively readable. . . . Dr. Sacks writes beautifully and with exceptional subtlety and penetration into both the state of mind of his patients and the nature of illness generally. . . . A brilliant and humane book.” –A. Alvarez, The Observer

Awakenings–which inspired the major motion picture–is the remarkable story of a group of patients who contracted sleeping-sickness dur

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