Apr 202014

Question by : How can I learn about natural sciences (physics, astronomy, astrophysics) if they are not related to my major?
I love science but the only sciences I somewhat understand are biological and social science but I know almost nothing when it comes to the natural sciences (except biological) I would love to learn about physics and astronomy. I want to mention that in high school I only took the most basic physics and astronomy classes (only one time) I am in my first year of college for (majoring in nursing so physics and astronomy are not pre-reqs) and I’m taking psychology, nutrition (biology) and chemistry.

I try reading articles about astrophysics and it’s obvious I need to know about it before I can understand it

I know it’s helpful, if not necessary, to have some mathematical knowledge and being familiar with the scientific method.

Where should I start? Is there a book someone can recommend?

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Answer by eri
You can take a class in those subjects even if they aren’t related to your major. That’s what electives are for. Or you can get an intro astronomy book out of the library.

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Jun 282011

Question by : Mercury in retrograde: It makes sense if you understand physics and astrophysics do you agree?
There are many people who think its all fake but in all even if the horoscope signs were not involved in this. There is still scientific data that NASA and astrophysicists have gathered to know that the Universe effects humans and earth no matter what. So then why do so many people think its hocus pocus? All I have noticed is the problems that i had eben dealing with for the past 2 years i finally found closure but it was in a spiritual way and Ive been more aware of higher vibrations that have been happening before i found out this was going on. Lets just say a higher level of consciousness. Does anyone agree or no? Why or why not?
There are many ways to achieve believe and seeing how retrograde works there are just different paths to get there. This mercury thing doesn’t have to cause problems and if people think it will then sometimes or actually a lot though and words turn into actions. Stupidity is harsh ignorant isn’t as bad :/ sorry. I don’t think there are stupid people out there, we just have to open our minds to a higher consciousness but not everyone is ready for it. And i do believe in god and jesus and angels. I hope i get some more answers from people who don’t agree.. im curious. :)
My source: Lightworker
♥ yeah i agree with you the second guy down.. makes sense.
φ Yeah and the people who have the strong opinions and are coming from fear inside and their ego has taken over. You explained it very well
~ Thank you Cletus for your opinions, i am happy to hear from all walks and religions of life without judgment.. I don’t want this to get any funnier because im laughing right now. i think Cletus made my day. :)
` and actually i didn’t say astrology after i r -read your words Cletus. Not that was the girl and the guy below me who were believers in astrology i actually don’t know much about it lol.
`Cletus- retrograde is an optical illusion of what mercury looks like. What you said all together made no logical sense no that i read it. Good luck Clet♥
♥Definition of Idiot: A person of profound mental retardation having a mental age below three years and generally being unable to learn connected speech or guard against common dangers. The term belongs to a classification system no longer in use and is now considered offensive.
~~~ Well clet it clearly states that the word idiot is considered offensive.. I think you know about the law of cause and effect if you don’t that’s okay. Overall everyone gave very enlightening information and helped me to understand the mercury in retrograde better. Thanks to the first girl and the second guy is very wise and your vibrations are high and fast which is awesome. keep up the good work. I will be picking the best answer in 30 min after i get something done. Thanks

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Answer by Been There
I have university physics. I understand astrophysics. I understand astrology.

I do not see that understanding the physical universe (empirical knowledge) particularly helps understanding (subjective understanding) the human condition. I think, rather, that we often substitute empirical knowledge FOR subjective understanding .. it’s faster and easier, and it gives us the sense of having come to understand. Cheap fix.

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Jan 192011

Question by Gigil A: What are the job oppertunities in “quantum mechanics or astrophysics”?
I’m a B.Sc. physics student. I want to do research in “quantum consciousness and reality. I’m very much interested in the philosophy of physics especially in the “unified vision of reality”

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Answer by Anthony S
Check out Fermi Lab down the street from where I live. Website below.

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Sep 192010

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