Feb 192014

Question by Mr.Ricano: has the mystery of king arthur and the search for avalon, (including the escalibur), have been found?

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Answer by Your Best Fiend
I think part of the allure of the story is that mystery. But, if you are asking if King Arthur and Avalon existed in history, then this is not true. King Arthur was at best a composite of the romantic ideas about chivalry. He never lived except in the hearts and minds of people.

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Jan 082012

Arthur wants to know why everyone keeps betraying him”
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EPIC new pictures have been released for Merlin series 4 featuring Morgana Le Fay, Merlin, Arthur, the Knights, Morgause, Gwaine, Lancelot, Elyan, and Guinevere. They are STUNNING and so beautiful. Honestly I was like jhfbvhjwevfbwj when I found them! Hope you enjoy watching! Music is Brand X ‘Lost Kingdom’ *fangirl hyperventilating*

Dec 222011

Question by Angel D: Are there any good novels about Prince Arthur and Merlin?
Not ones that are really heavy reading. Just something you’ve read and would recommend. I love the Merlin series on BBC. No fact books!!

Uh, ok that’s great but some titles might help.
Uh but surely Arthur was a Prince when his dad Uther was a King? Or was he just born King? Jeez.

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Answer by Jackie T. Ripper
ANY book with King Arthur and Merlin are good.

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Nov 282011

Some cool Presence images:

Dancers from the Mohawk Nation at Kahnawake (Caughnawaga) who performed during a lacrosse tournament in the presence of H.R.H. Prince Arthur, son of Queen Victoria, Montreal, October 9, 1869 / Danseurs de la nation mohawk à Kahnawake (Caughnawaga) qui ava

Image by BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives

orange is in… the presence of a little red berry

Image by japi14

An auger is being used to determine the presence and depth of tar mats on Grand Isle, LA

Image by BP America

Nov 132011

Question by Maggie: In the BBC tv series Merlin, when does Arthur find out that Merlin is a warlock?
I mean, the only reason I’m watching this show is to see him find out about Merlin. Are there really three whole seasons without this happening? Can the writers truly drag one plot device on for that long? Cause that, my friends, is poor writing and would be extremely disappointed.

So please, what episode, if ever, does Arthur, or for that matter, anyone find out?

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Answer by taranicarox
So far, Arthur still hasn’t found out, but we’re only halfway through the airing of Season Three, and it may still happen. (However, it has been renewed for a fourth season and this could possibly indicate that it won’t happen this year.)

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