Mar 202014

Question by TyGib13: Anyone able to help me get arguments for my essay on materialism?
Paragraph 1.

Arguments about…

1) Concepts like God, the soul, consciousness, ultimate reality, spirit, etc. cannot beexplained in terms of the material, empirically verifiable world.


2) Things that cannot be explained in terms of the material, empirically verifiable world do not exist.

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Answer by Don H
You need to study a bit of physics.

At the plank level the material, empirically verifiable world is what is looking like it doesn’t exist.

At least not outside of our perceptual conclusions.

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Jan 022011

Question by K-aM: Arguments for and against genetic modification?
I’ve got to do a presentation on genetic modification and genetic testing and one of the things we need to write about is:
What are the arguments for and against this technology (social/environmental/economic/ethical)
Thank-you. Would help a lot if someone could answer this soon as possible, thanksx

Best answer:

Answer by Pete
Well as far as crops are concerned (the only bit of GM I am familiar with)… GM crops can resist parasites and insects better, increase the revenue of the farmer and ultimately create more jobs – note how these are all sociological arguments. The worries about GM are that they can affect non-GM crops due to natural polenation, they can provide genetic disrbution to the wildlife that feed on them and that they will encourage the extinction of natural and native crop growth (note how these are environmental an not sociaological)

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