Apr 162014

Question by J: is there anything historical left to discover?
artifacts, treasures, locations, etc. Or are we just left with the mysteries?

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Answer by Derek
If you can fund me to go to Egypt, I’ll let you know in 5 years!
Seriously though, the answer is yes. If you are English, watch “Time Team”. If you are not, find “Time Team” and watch it. The point is that even when you find an artifact, it is still a mystery. Why is it there, where did it originate? Having worked on digs, you never know what you may find. Two years ago, near a Medieaval Church where I volunteer, Time Team started an excavation under a playing field. Three inches below ground level they found 800 year old building remains. I’ve walked over that ground for years and never suspected anything. I hope this helps.

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Nov 282013
Ancient Mystery
by mySAPL

Question by CernunnosX: Does anyone know anything about the Blood Moon and the Revelations?
I heard on this radio show called Ground Zero and the guy said that tonight (12/20/10) there will be a Blood Moon when the moon turns red. I know that the Bible mentions this to, is there a connection here?
No smart ass answers please….
He also said that creatures from the dark will emerge also but who knows about that one lol.

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Answer by Elijah Truth
WE are in the midst of those signs and prophecies this day, and our generation is the Mighty Generation of Great Destiny to now inherit earth Matthew 5:5–25:34….Matthew 24:29-31 is in the midst of taking place with sorrows being brought unto the tribes of the earth not of His book of Life….it has begun….

For proof that the Black Buffeter of Pauls writings has been found, and
For proof of the Lords now finished mystery Rev:10:7 which He foretold would take place this day, making the way straight for Gods the Lord Jesus christs now return in this Epic Generation of Destiny, and much on the Children of Adam and Eve unmarred who are being called by their God for This days Epic gathering go google Adam and Eve seed gathering medical ministry and on the home page as the about page and services page are many proofs…IT HAS BEGUN…{{Also on the site mentioned above http://www.adamandeveseedgatheringminist… are many christian paintings and even leafs from Ancient Bibles {{On the Christmas and Holy Word page}} that can all be zoomed and copied for this His special season….MERRY CHRISTMAS..contact page is for questions/gathering..}}

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Sep 242013

Question by Unknown: Do you know anything about there mysteries?
Does Atlantis really exised and they used advanced technology?
Did certain people of past on earth once upon a time were developed like 21th century?Then some people talk about a road which looks like it created to land planes?
Do you know mysteries and secret technology of Assyria,Akkadian empire etc?
Then whats your opinion on Mayan temples and astronomy
how they counted that even they were too primitive?
How could strange mythologies around world exist without supernatual phenomena?
Answer If you deeply studied such things.

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Answer by Mr. P
If you are seriously interested in this then you need to keep notebooks and pay attention to details. I almost didn’t answer this because of typo’s and bad grammar.

Yes I have researched a lot of this myself, almost have enough for a book leading in a certain direction. I am certain we have underestimated the technology of the past only because it was not widespread, most was destroyed in wars and the Ice-age got in the way.

I believe Atlantis was a generic name for a civilisation that was destroyed at the end of the ice-age – the great floods, and was the same “golden Age” that the Egyptians called the “Sep Tepi” – or ‘First Time’.
I also think technology existed certainly to work rock similar to that of today using diamond tipped core drills, and the machinery to drive them – as the evidence is still visible at old sites around the globe.
If you look at the pyramids and layout of Teotihuacan in Mexico, it looks more like a refueling depot for spacecraft than a random religious structure. I believe strongly that form follows function – so it was created for something!
You do not need supernatural origins for these, but it does point strongly in the direction of alien visitors to earth in the distant past. Otherwise – why are we so obsessed with sky gods?

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May 072013

Question by RR: How can we know anything about consciousness, without consciousness itself?
Okay, we have to be conscious,…to understand consciousness?? We can’t even begin to know about consciousness without consciousness itself, looking at itself, biological limits and all. And EVERYTHING else for that matter! We can only know about things from consciousness’ perspective. It’s like some kind of weird deceptive scam…

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Answer by Aristotle’s Apathy
More so, how can we know anything about conscientiousness if we did not have things that were not of our conscience to perceive?

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Jan 312013

Question by Hailey Flowers: I have 5 beanie babies and im wondering if their worth anything?
1. Gobbles the turkey
2. Claude the crab
3. Iggy the lizard
4. Puffer the toucan
5. Mystic the unicorn
Their all in mint condition!

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Answer by Kim R
Check on eBay to see what those of that type have sold for. Look under the finished auctions; the ones that have already happened to see the actual sales prices. It’s a quick way of finding out what just about anything is worth.

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Dec 272012

Question by Hannah D: does Mystic Seaport have anything on pirates?
we are studying pirates this semester and i want to go to Mystic Seaport in Mystic Connecticut. but do they have anything on pirates?

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Answer by Tim O
A rope maybe. Arrgh…..In Mystic/ 75 Greenmanville Avenue/ The Museum of America and the Sea. Arrghg

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Nov 192011

Question by Sips With A Fist: Is it rational to use the words “god did it” in order to explain anything you don’t understand?
That’s how the gods were formed long, long ago: mysticism as explanation of the unknown. The ancient goat herders use to say that god moved the sun across the sky as an explanation of the earth’s rotation. We now know better and should, hopefully, employ rational thought processes in order to understand things around us.

Why are there still goat herding mystics roaming around out there?

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Answer by tylertxan
mankind has been using “the gods” to explain things since we walked off the savanahs of africa.

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Oct 302011

Question by Jaded: Anyone know anything about The Oracle: Ancient Delphi and the science behind its lost Secrets?
OK so I’m having some trouble with a project, and I need some help answering some question from the book “The Oracle: Ancient Delphi and the science behind its lost Secrets” By William J. Broad. It’d be much appreciated if you could help me out. ^.^

1. What was the question being investigated, and what were the controversies
2. Who were the lead researchers? What were their personalities? What were their backgrounds? What motivated them?
3. What approaches to research did Professor De Boar, Hale and Spiller each contribute to the study of the oracle? What did they have in common? What was unique about them?
4. What are the advantages of such cross- disciplinary, team- based approach to research?

Please help with whatever you can guys

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Answer by M F
I hope you get some better answers as well, but I feel compelled to note that the only scientific controversy regarding the Oracle is a matter of sociological studies regarding why people continue to cling to fairy tales so long after their infancy.

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Oct 202011

Question by ..: Can Science Explain Everything? Anything?
Can scientific laws produce ‘spontaneous creation’?
Did the laws of physics create themselves?

We humans live with the mystery of being not only objects (under the laws of nature) but subjects with consciousness and the freedom of rational beings.
We look at the universe through the window of our rationality, just as we might look at a garden through a window. We forget the window but it is always there. Our selfhood is free and transcendent.

Questions about humans as subjects and persons relate to such categories as love, beauty, freedom, truth and God. These are not matters for science, just as quantum theory and the Big Bang are not part of the orbit of religion.
scientists rightly explore questions about the physical universe and its chains of contingency and objective causation. What they will not answer is the “why” of the universe. Why is it here? This is not a scientific question – it is not another part of the chain of cause and effect that science is unravelling with such brilliance
I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last (Revelation 22:13).

Who else can say that but God? No one, only God can say such a thing. God knows everything: the past, current and future and our knowledge and understanding doesn’t even compare to the knowledge and understanding of God – even when it applies to our own life.
scientists makes a category error in scientists dismissal of God. scientists will find no God if scientists looks for God as an object among objects.
Eternal God is not belongs on the object or science.
“I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last (Revelation 22:13)”.

No one(MANKIND), only God can say such a thing.

“Who else can say this but god” . . . well, you just did. Anyone can say it.”

What has a beginning must have an end.


The Beginning(mankind) Was the End(mankind)


” I’ve never heard a god say it, I’ve only read a book, created by humans, say that god said it”

There are certain things that even science cannot explain(Call Omnisciece).There is no other
way but simply to accept them.you need to trust(Spiritual Science).this is the whole difference
between natural science and spiritually.

ow old is Science?

They formed a clique and liked each other’s personalities.
older than yoda

to 30000 yers old

Spiritual Science-29400 years Old

Natural Science(600 Years)- modern science is generally traced back to the early modern period, during what is known as the Scientific Revolution that took place in 16th and 17th century Europe.

One thing that happened during the Renaissance that was of great importance for the later character of modern philosophy(Immanuel Kant 1724-1804) was the birth of modern science. This may not have been a coincidence.
One thing that happened during the Renaissance that was of great importance for the later character of modern philosophy was the birth of modern science.
Man, as his creation, is an eternal spiritual being who has been deceived into thinking that there is a material world where sickness and sin have power. Eddy taught that sickness was simply an imagining of what she called the “Mortal Mind”.

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Answer by Mother Hubbard
YES- all are testable.
But it has not been done yet.

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