Jun 022014

Question by Cade: What is a career in Neuroscience like? ANYONE with neuro experience please!?
What is a career in Neuroscience like? ANYONE with neuro experience please!?
IN CLASS what should I expect? A lot of reading? Memorization? Hands on? How many years does it usually take before you are in a lab and able to work on research? Is the field competitive? I want to do lab research. Is the pay good (although not in it for the pay) and finally how math heavy is it and what can I do now as a new college student taking basic classes to prepare myself?

Interested in neurophysiology branch
Sorry first half got cut off. Basically I said when I think of neuroscience first thing that comes to mind are those 3D animations you always see on tv shows.


I have no other real experience of working in a lab I never took those sort of classes in grade school.

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Answer by Talono
I don’t know much about neuroscience, but I do know a few general things:

If you expect to do any kind of science-related research work, it will always be math heavy.

Biology is always especially heavy on memorization.

There really is no time requirement to start research. Since you’re in college, you can start research as an undergraduate through your college’s mentoring programs, various undergraduate research programs across the country, or by asking a professor. Afterwards, you can go to Grad school to do more research. After Grad school, you’ll probably do a postdoc or go into industry. If you’re really good, you can get hired by a university.

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Apr 132014

Question by Brenna: Does anyone know how the order of series goes for The Anime Fullmetal Alchemist?
Well I Went On A Website To Watch Fullmetal Alchemist (LOVE THAT SHOW) And They Had Different Names For FMA So I was Wondering how it goes. All I Is For the Order of the Series is That Fullmetal Alchemist Goes First But i have no clue with the other ones and what about the Movie When Should i watch that?
Here are the names of the Series That Popped Up
Fullmetal Alchemist: Blind Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist: Simple People

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Answer by Whitney
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is the series for the manga
FMA: Blind Alchemist and Simple people are OVA’s they are not really part of the series just more like bonus episodes you can watch in the middle of the series or at the end…or whatever

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Apr 022014

Question by JENNIFER: Has anyone tried the combination of a tanning bed and a mystic tan? Lock in color + the “Bronze” glow?
If so, what’s the best place to get a Mystic Tan?

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Answer by J Stang
Yes, it works great! Once you’re reached your plateau as far as using the tanning bed, the Mystic Tan is a great way to darken up a little more. I don’t know where the best place is to get a Mystic Tan though; they’re pretty much all the same at all the salons…same spray stuff, booth, etc. My tanning salon just got the Mystic Tan booth this year, and it’s awesome. It only takes a couple minutes in the booth. There is also barrier cream in the Mystic Tan room…you want to apply it to places that you don’t want tan, such as your fingernails/toenails, etc.

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Mar 222014

Question by mitya51: Does anyone know what level of faith the ancients e.g. Greeks, Romans, had in their myths?
I understand that the Polytheistic systems of the ancients have been taken as seriously as anything. I know a very little about the so-called babylonian mystery religions, temple worship, fertility rituals, and of course classical mythology. Can someone help delineate the myths/stories and the content of the ancients’ faith. In other words, assuming people believed in gods and goddesses like Zeus, Aphrodite, Prometheus, and Trojan War myths as known in Homer, did people also believe in the stories associated with these deities? Maybe my weak understanding of mythology needs to be demythologized.

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Answer by Rainne
Yes. Those stories were taken as seriously by the people who told them as the stories in the Bible are taken by someone who is Christian. That was their faith, those were their gods.

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Mar 222014

Question by jlc824: Can anyone recomend any books with….?
I love novels that involve romance with a mix of mystery or crime. Can anyone recommend any books like this?

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Answer by Sprite
The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon…amazing! A little more historical but still full of adventure. The main guy is kind of a criminal….

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Mar 202014

Question by TyGib13: Anyone able to help me get arguments for my essay on materialism?
Paragraph 1.

Arguments about…

1) Concepts like God, the soul, consciousness, ultimate reality, spirit, etc. cannot beexplained in terms of the material, empirically verifiable world.


2) Things that cannot be explained in terms of the material, empirically verifiable world do not exist.

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Answer by Don H
You need to study a bit of physics.

At the plank level the material, empirically verifiable world is what is looking like it doesn’t exist.

At least not outside of our perceptual conclusions.

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Mar 052014

Question by ‘little’ book,open(Rev10): What would make anyone think ‘Mystery’ Babylon is a church, or Rome, or the RCC?
Babylon of old was a very specific dominion of the ancient world, its rise and fall are covered much in both the N.T. and the O.T..

As history repeats itself[Ecc1:9 & 3:15] so also will this ‘Mystery’ Babylon of the last days.

Babylon and the Empire of Rome are juxtaposed in so many ways it is deliberate.
How could one be confused with the other?

The 7 hills on which the woman sits[Rev17:9] are the [6+1] continents of the world.
America had[at one time] a military base on each.
Jesus is the most reliable resource out there, besides the Lord God, and they speak plainly[Dt27:8, Nu12:8, Hbk2:2, Pro8:9]. They never refer to Babylon as Rome, are They not reliable?
At the no so tremendous – the bible CLEARLY says the end of the world is at the end of Revelation20:11:15 right after the 1000 year reign of Christ. Repeat someone else’s stupidity shows your lack of depth of knowledge on the subject. Have fun being oblivious!

Will you starve to death today for everlasting life?
For a morsel of bread sell your soul to the everlasting lake of fire?
Tremendoid – I’d rather you find truth in the subject

Mt24:36 But of that DAY and HOUR knoweth no man… What DAY and what HOUR? Christ is not speaking of the end of the world but of the DAY and the HOUR of His coming[v.27] to reign for 1000 years at the end of the age of sin and tribulation which lasts for 6000 years as stated in the Revelation of Jesus Christ chapter 20 and as there is no deceit from the mouth of Christ so then Christ is speaking only of the DAY and the HOUR of His return that cannot be known by anyone until it happens and this is truth. As for the other ‘times’[hrs, days, weeks, years] of the end are they not clearly explained to us by Christ Himself in The Revelation?

And there is what men think verses what God says. God calls Babylon a ‘nation’ a ‘land’, NEVER a church!
Oh! and I would recall the t’sd I gave too as the additional comments by you lead to a greater understanding on your part

this ‘supposed Christian’ – not at all uncalled for…
ESPECIALLY if you desire to show yourself a complete hypocrite

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Answer by Ray H

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Feb 012014

Question by Yunster: Has anyone done 3 sciences in VCE?
Has anyone done 3 sciences in VCE (i.e bio, chem, physics)? was it hard? did u get good marks (A or A+)?

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Answer by MistyRose
Im really not sure about VCEs but Im doing 3 sciences in IB. I had to write to the IBO to apply because IB wants you to choose subjects from different areas.

I must say it is really really really hard. I am seriously struggling. Last year I was top of my year group for Science. This year, I have to stay up till past 1 o clock to maintain my place LOL!. My best friend who is doing 2 sciences (chem and physics) complains allllll the time that she can’t cope.
So it depends on you.

If you are willing to work your brains out. But overall if i get the chance to choose again, I wouldn’t do all 3. way to stressful.

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Jan 152014

Question by Lightning: Does anyone have access to any of the books in Orson Scott Card’s Women of Genesis series?
If you do, could you tell me whether there’s a bibliography in the back of the books? And if so, what books are listed in the bibliography?


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Answer by Doc
You can look up the book on Amazon dot com, look inside the book, and get the information you want. There doesn’t seem to be a bibliography, per se, but I think I see what you want. For example, in the “Afterward” section of “Sarah” we find these words at the end of the book, on pages 340-341,

“Here are some of the sources I used in preparing this book. They are all interesting and valuable books, even if I often drew conclusions that the authors might not have been pleased with, and even though some of the scholars, at least, were quite avidly of the rejectionist camp. I consulted many other books, but these were the ones I found most useful and trustworthy, and I intend to use again as sources.
Donald B. Redford, “Egypt, Canaan, and Israel in Ancient Times” (Princeton University Press, 1992)
Gosta W. Ahlstrom, “The History of Ancient Palestine” (Sheffield Academic Press/Fortress Press, 1993, 1994)
Gay Robins, “Women in Ancient Egypt” (Harvard University Press, 1993)
Michael Rice, “Egypt’s Making: The Origins of Ancient Egypt, 5000-2000 B.C. (Routledge, 1990)
And for those who do not immediately recognize the source of some of the events early in the novel, those are based on the book of Abraham in the “Pearl of Great Price, a book of scripture recognized only within the LDS Church.
Peter James and Nick Thorp, “Ancient Mysteries (Ballantine, 1999). The great care these authors took in verifying speculation and drawing evidence from many disciplines made this a fascinating and useful tool—especially concerning the location of Sodom and the events surrounding its destruction.
If you have questions or comments about any aspect of this novel, you are invited to visit http://www.hatrack.com or http://www.nauvoo.com. “


I didn’t see any kind of bibliography or Afterward for “Rebecca,” just a kind of study guide. There was some information in the Preface, however. Orson Card wrote on page vii:

“I used all the sources that previously helped me in writing “Sarah,” the companion volume to this book, and in addition, Norman L. Heap’s “Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob: Servants and Prophets of God”) Family History Publications, Greensboro NC, 1986, 1999)….

As for “Rachel and Leah,” there is an “Afterward,” but I couldn’t look at all of it. What I saw did not seem to indicate more bibliography. I saw no “Preface” to this book. What you see in these “Look inside” is rather random.

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