May 292013

Question by No Chance without Derek Hale: Why don’t many Christians believe in mystery anymore?
Like in ancient Christianity you could believe in things like the Lord’s presence in the Eucharist or the Trinity without having to define them down to the last minute detail. Why does everything need to be defined?

Best answer:

Answer by Screamo Dolphin
In my church, we don’t define much. We just roll with the punches. When the Holy Spirit is there, the party gets started. That 10 tiers of mystery for most people.

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Jun 302011

Question by Justin: How many cultural revolutions can their be before a culture cannot revolt anymore?
Following the history of Western culture, it has gone from the extremely religious Middle Ages to the extremely secular now.

We had the Renaissance, and the humanist who shifted the focus onto mankind and his achievements.

We had the Scientific Revolution which brought us new understanding about the nature of the universe and new technologies came from that.

We had the Enlightenment which changed our beliefs about governments and the nature of man’s existance.

We had Industrialization which eventually lead to heavy urbanization and the increased availability of consumer products and luxuries.

We had the 60′s which brought increased acceptability of many ideas including feminism, civil rights, and liberal attitudes.

We’re currently having the Information revolution with the Internet.

What is there left to do? It seems like we can only now regress.
Yes, I know I used their when I shoud’ve used there. I’m only human.
Lol, just because you don’t have the patience to read my question doesn’t mean you have to criticize me for it.

Best answer:

Answer by mighty_power7
cultures will always be revolting…even in regression they will revolt! who knows…they may revolt against regression of regressing cultures…

yeah and that’s way too long to read…i just read the question and the last sentence…

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Oct 152010

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Sep 102010

Question by Charon: What happened to Astrology after Pluto is not a planet anymore?
I know astrology uses all the planets to make predictions and all of that stuff.
But Pluto is not a planet anymore, so what happened?
What about the other “Dwarft Planets” like Pluto?
Did anything changed?

Best answer:

Answer by monkeydamour
Astrology was already flawed because there are thirteen, not twelve, houses.

Ophiuchus – November 30th through December 17th.

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