Dec 242011

Question by : What is a secular alternative to the word spiritual / spirituality?
Since there is no evidence for the existence of a spirit, I wish there was an alternative word to express the conventional meaning of “spirituality” (a connection to the rest of humanity and life on earth, a sense of wonder and awe.) Any ideas?

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Answer by holly

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Jul 062011

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Jun 222011

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Dec 122010

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Dec 082010

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Sep 232010

Question by nottashygirl: Voodooism and alternative religions, are you interested?
I practice New Orleans voodoo as my “religion” – it incorporates Catholicism (as I was raised) with voodooism from Haiti and Africa. I alos practice hoodooism, which is not a religion but magick. I got interested after visiting New Orleans, and meeting this wonderful store owner, Anna, at Erzulies. I read up on the topics, and happily converted! I am noticing a lot of people are interested in voodooism and other alternative religions recently. Why do you think this is?

I know for me, traditional religion was either too corrupt or constricting. I find that praying on my own terms is much more realistic and personal to me.
By the way, before you condemn voodooism….do some research first. New Orleans Voodooists do believe in God, Jesus, and the Catholic Saints.

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Answer by The Irreverend
As long as they don’t kill or harm others or their property, all religions are EQUAL.

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