May 212014
by jlam

Question by Lexa May: is zatch bell and fullmetal alchemist kinda alike?
zatch bell has magic and spells and fullmetal alchemist has alchemy or referd to be magic are they kind alike or diffrent

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Answer by Barry C
Zatch bell uses a robot to fight and Full Metal Alchemist is trying to restore his brother and himself. The anime is close but different directions.

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Mar 302013

Question by THEHUMANJOYSTICK: Are there any animes that are alike or similar to bleach, naruto, or full metal alchemist? ?
I dont like old animes that look shitty, DN angel, bleach, naruto, yugioh, dbz, full metal panic and alchemist were pretty legit and i consider them good animes. except for dbz, kinda in a like/hate situation. if u connect these animes together, u can kinda see a connection. if u see any animes that are similar and pretty new please post a suggestion.

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Answer by fullmetalgirl52
elfen lied
tokyo underground
shakugan no shana
blood plus
chrono crusade
black cat

thats all i can think of hope that helps :P

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Sep 282012

Question by papermirrors: atheist and believers alike……….?
instead of preaching and promoting ur beliefs, don’t u think you’ll attract more people if you just lived the principles u believe in?
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by the way, i’m an agnostic christian atheist islamic buddhist hindu mycologist who studies astrophysics ancient mystery systems, pagan confucius phylosophy, who practices yoga meditation, and loves to meditate who discovered himself through a 12 step program and what i’ve learned is very simple………………. love one another be kind to eachother and it’s better to be nice than to be right. peace to a
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15 minutes ago

i meant peace to all and yes i know it’s philosophy with an i
4 minutes ago

i’m not being sarcastic when i include all those schools of thought i’m saying i’m open to all and embrace truth in every tradition. openmindedness people.
1 minute ago

oh and i do fall short of practicing these principles, that’s why it’s important to have you all in my corner, so we can help eachother along. don’t juge me love me. peace
1 second ago

i meant don’t ” judge” me
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Answer by tonalc1
I do live the principles I believe in.

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