Jul 182013

Question by Eric: Have any body seen the show Ancient Aliens?
Who believe what they say is real? It seems to me they did there research and have the answers to a lot of things that seem to be mysteries. But who believe them?
Just was curious.

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Answer by Richard B
interesting show
some interesting observations

the CONCLUSIONS are mostly nonsense or a real stretch of the imagination

the Q is why do you thing our very intelligent ancestors did NOT do the same things

example a recent find showed the greeks had geared, clockwork calculating machines
Romans had very sophisticated engineering

WE ARE on the verge of finding evidence of life on other planets if it exists

AA is entertainment , like “ghost hunters”

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Jun 292013

Question by The Outsider: What are those lines called in South America, the aliens supposenly made?
I want to find them on Google Maps, is why I ask.

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Answer by harpertara
The Nazca lines are huge heiroglyphs that can only be seen from the air. Its in Peru.

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Jan 212013

Question by Rob: Do you guys believe that ancient aliens built the pyramids?
I’ve seen the show on the history channel, and I’m aware they stretch the truth but I just want to know your opinion with some facts according to you, backing it up. Thanks,rob

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Answer by jeff
I don’t have any facts, but the fact that the pyramids are in Egypt pretty much tells me they were built by Egyptians.

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Jun 162012

Question by jhall20032003: Please read fully; Is it possible that we are “aliens” in a sense…?
Is it possible that our consciousness, or whatever makes up our awareness is that of an alien species. I know it sounds crazy but here me out. Our consciousness could be a form of alien and we inhabit this human body at birth and therefore “we” are both a human being and an alien at the same time simultaneously. Our human body has free will and goes through this life and our consciousness is just inside of each one of us observing how the human mind works. Like we are studying this species the closest way possible, by in Essenes being in them. When this human body’s life comes to an end we study a different species in a different universe (you must first fully grasp the concept of a universe to fully understand what I am saying). We are all one collective consciousness and we can travel into different universes to study what exists. Granted in a different universe the same laws of physics would not apply so there is no way our human mind can even grasp the concept of another universe (because we are of this universe). Anyone still with me?

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Answer by Johnson
I’m still with you. And it is certainly an interesting concept. Although, I’m not sure why you chose to separate consciousness and free will. I’m not really sure if I can contribute anything, really. My only comment was on your decision to separate the two. I suppose that would be another version, though, if the “alien” part of “us” made its own decisions, similar to certain parasites.

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Nov 202011

Question by s3xY: Do you believe that the “gods” potrayed in ancient civilizations are actually aliens?
They aided humans in their technology. If not how do you explain 2000 year old batteries? and also how did the ancient egyptian built the great pyramid? And why do almost all ancient civilizations talk about “gods” from the sky and even had pictures of “astronauts” in “space shuttles”…you decide yourself, but make sure you do some reading from this links, it will change your mind…




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Answer by Stev
could be

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Sep 282011

UFO Secrets of the Ancient The Return Full Movie – The documentary style program presents theories of ancient astronauts and proposes historical texts, archaeology and legends containing evidences of a past contact between humans and aliens.

Suppose there was an ancient hidden wisdom that revealed and unified the spiritual and physical laws of life, a true source of all spiritual teachings and religions on this planet, predating Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, Adam and Eve, and even the creation of the world itself. The insights from this wisdom have had a profound influence on the foremost thinkers throughout history. This wisdom does exist! Kabbalah: The Best Kept Secret is more than a scholarly presentation of Kabbalah, this is an experience that empowers you to take your life to new heights using the secrets of this ancient wisdom.
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May 182011
Ancient Mystery
by ElDave

Question by Zahar RULE!: What is the best book about ancient aliens, mysteries of ancient civilizations etc?
What is the best book about ancient aliens, mysteries of ancient civilizations, mysteries of ancient world etc…??

Give your opinion! I want to know!

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Answer by Will
Any books by Erich von Daniken will give that to you. Here’s his homepage.

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Mar 152011

Can UFOs travel at light speeds? ie “WARP DRIVE”? Kabbalah Part-9 (Are Aliens Real? Part 3 of 4 parts). Atlantis, Warp Drive and UFOs … Video by Fizban1977 lightly edited and changed from three 10 minute parts to two parts since youtube changed the limit to 15 minutes and then THIS part actually taken from fizban1977′s “Is God Real” series…. * WARNING * to those practicing Kabbalah. Detailed research, please see all parts of this Kabbalah series, what modern day Kabbalists will NOT tell you about Kabbalah and it’s MANY connections to everything from Freemasonry to Webbots to Bible Codes just to name a few. Bill Cooper explains Kabbalah as the ancient mysticism at the beginning of this video series in Part 1. Maddona Sells Kabbalah Marketing Mysticism Mystic Babylon the Great Magic Magick This is a very important video series.
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