Jan 282012

IS THERE ANYBODY LISTENING…You, that have been searching for Planet X and Nibiru and ELEnin, and have not established a Loving and Obedient Relationship with the ALMIGHTY Creator, looking to Others and into the Clouds for the Answer, instead of looking to the ALMIGHTY and into the Scriptures, You have brought calamity upon Yourselves… The Answer is in the Scriptures, and Great and Marvellous secrets are revealed to they that Fear NONE, except the MOST HIGH, and Live Uprightly and Fairly in front of the SOVEREIGN’S face… As You mapped the latest HAARP activities across the Globe, trying to find out what and where was the next Global Calamity to Strike the Land; concerned with what the Gurus and the Pundits and the Sages had to say, and not with what the Placed-Apart Writings say; following what the Hollywood Stars are doing; pursuing the obtaining of all manner of Worldly Possessions; dulling the Brain and the Senses with drugs and alcohol; feeding Your children chemicals and junk, marring their capability to think logically and independently; placing Yourselves in front of Screens, as You absorb Lies and Deception; running after Wolves and Hirelings, dressed in the cloak of Religion, Global Doom of unparalleled proportions is occurring right in front of You, though unseen by Your untrained Eye… Concerned with matters of the World, instead of matters pertaining to the Spiritual Realm, You have fallen asleep at the wheel, and have sold Yourselves as Debt Slaves
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When the girl who stole Eden’s boyfriend shows up, Eden learns that revenge is best served by other people.
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Nov 082010

New World Order Alert – Vision Report Watch
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New World Order Alert – Vision Report Watch

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2012 Secrets Exposed – 75% Commission – Hot Selling Product

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