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Question by Chii-chan: How to make and use alchemical transmutation circles? NOT full metal alchemist please!?
I was wondering how to make and use real alchemical transmutation circles and how to do alchemy in general. It has always interested me…but Im not talking about the anime full metal alchemist, so please answer seriously please! :D
Thanks for any help!

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Answer by Xanthine
One of the less-than-successful endeavors of alchemy was transmutating one (elemental) metal into another (elemental) metal. We now know that only nuclear reactions can accomplish this trick, and it usually involves elements that are not stable to start with (radioactive elements, that is). Even modern technology has a hard time converting a few atoms of a non-radioactive element into another element. The only place were it happens in large quantities is inside stars and supernova.

Looks like someone watches too much anime :)

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